falcon wing Stories July 4, 2016

model x falcon clipped wing

You can now drive the Tesla Model X with the Falcon Wing doors completely extended. Of course, it is not recommended and if you decide to do it, you will be met with both audible and visual alerts. It allows to quickly reposition the SUV for a better exit if needed and it’s a pretty cool party trick (as seen in the recent Chicago and SF pride parades), but other than that, it’s preferable to only open the doors when parked, especially when in a garage. expand full story

falcon wing Stories March 23, 2016


When I saw the concept this morning, I didn’t think I was going to report on it since it has nothing to do with electric vehicles, yet I somehow had the feeling it will come up because of the doors. Sure enough, tech publications have been reporting that Lincoln’s new Navigator concept features Tesla’s Falcon Wing doors, which is simply inaccurate and I expects people will make a bad habit of it. expand full story

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