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Infiniti plans all-electric SUV while rehashing idea for ‘gas-powered’ EVs

After promising an Infiniti electric car for nearly a decade, Infiniti unveiled plans last week for three new battery-powered models in the next few years. The vague plans prominently feature a technical design that Infiniti and its parent brand, Nissan, describe as an EV. But the so-called e-Power vehicles don’t offer a way to plug in.


Infiniti announces ‘it will go electric’ starting in 2021, but what does it mean?


We have seen several similar announcements over the last year and they are often being misreported simply as ‘(insert automaker) is going all-electric’, like Volvo and Jaguar, which is why it’s important to be clear about what is being announced here.

Infiniti, Nissan’s luxury brand, announced that ‘it will go electric’ starting in 2021, which means that all new models will offer “electrified powertrains” from 2021. Expand

Nissan Leaf to get redesign and double range for mid 2016?

Not only is the car redesigned but claimed to get more than double the current 85Mile range. The design is definitely more pleasing though I have to wonder what that huge front grill is all about.

Nissan is hard at work developing the next-generation Leaf, focusing on improving the range with new battery tech and – as our exclusive images show – a more conventional look. The new car is expected to be on sale late in 2016, with prices starting around £17,000…Nissan bosses are promising new battery technology is on the way, with better energy density for a more usable pure electric vehicle. A figure of about 186 miles is likely to be the target.

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