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Yose Power 388Wh portable power station review: Finally a portable battery station for Europeans!

Portable power stations are the 21st century gear that I wish I’ve had for my entire life. With the advent of lighter and smaller lithium-ion batteries combined with small-scale AC inverters, we can finally bring a wall outlet with us wherever we go. And while Electrek has tested plenty of options for North American users, what about all the Europeans out there?

Don’t fear, my fellow sensical-unit-of-measure compatriots! For today we’re checking out Yose Power’s 388 Wh portable power station, complete with both DC output and Type C “Euro-plug” AC port.

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Check out these scary good Halloween deals on BLUETTI portable power stations up to $3,900 off


Portable power station manufacturer BLUETTI has announced a slew of new deals available for a limited time this Halloween. When things go bump in the night this fall, be sure you have enough power for all of your devices by utilizing BLUETTI’s battery and solar bundles, including a special pumpkin tone EB55 portable power station.

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EcoFlow DELTA Max offers up to 6,048 Wh of stored power to fulfill all your energy needs

EcoFlow DELTA Max

Portable Power and Renewable Energy Solutions company EcoFlow has shared details of the newest member of its DELTA product line, complete with modular expandable storage capacity and other new features. EcoFlow’s arsenal of power stations and solar panels has already established the brand as a major player in energy on the go, and its new EcoFlow DELTA Max will push customer’s capabilities when it becomes available for order in late September.

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Bluetti reveals modular home backup battery and more

Bluetti, makers of battery backup systems both large and small, have announced its modular take on the home battery backup. With the Tesla Powerwall only available to solar roof customers (and backorders up the wazoo), many are dipping their toes into vehicle or home backup systems from the likes of Bluetti.

Bluetti has announced its flagship AC300 modular backup system, the B300 modular battery, the Fusion Box Pro to connect staggering power, and also the upgraded AC200 MAX all-in-one unit.

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Tesla will install more energy storage with Solarcity in 2016 than the USA installed in 2015

solarcity powerwall

It looks like Tesla is about to change the battery game – this time by installing more energy storage capacity in 2016 with SolarCity alone than all of the USA installed in 2015. In a recent filing with the SEC, it was found that Tesla foresees an almost 10X increase in sales to SolarCity for behind the meter storage.

We recognized approximately $4.9 million in revenue from SolarCity during fiscal year 2015 for sales of energy storage products governed by this master supply agreement, and anticipate recognizing approximately $44.0 million in such revenues during fiscal year 2016.


According to an analysis by GTM’s Ravi Manghan this revenue projection means Tesla expects to install approximately 116 MWh of behind the meter storage. In all of 2015, the United States installed about 76 MWh of behind the meter. Starting from a very low base, SolarCity and Tesla Energy doubled their battery installation volume last year. These were small installations at test locations for special customers, but that wall of ‘start up’ is already starting to fall.


Tesla is building up its ‘Tesla Energy’ division with key employees from its core business and more hires

Tesla Energy 6

Tesla CEO Elon Musk often refers to a company simply as “a group of people getting together to make a product”, which is exactly what the automaker is doing with its ‘Tesla Energy’ division.

The Palo Alto-based company has been assembling an impressive team around its stationary energy storage products, and even transferred several key players from its core business to lead the initiative, which goes a long way to show how Tesla sees its energy division as an integral part of its business going forward.