Tesla clearly states that the installation of a Powerwall requires knowledge of high voltage electricity and should only be executed by Tesla Energy Certified installers, but for the sake of sharing the information, here’s the step by step instructions to install the Powerwall as well as its user manual.

The user manual confirms the usable energy of both versions of the Powerwall: 6.4 kWh for the daily cycling ‘7 kWh’ version and 9.1 kWh (9.8 kWh off-grid mode) for the ’10 kWh’ weekly cycling version.

You need a wall that can support 115 kg (254 lbs) and can fit the 34″ x 51.3″ battery pack as well as 1′ clearance on top and bottom, and 4″ on each side.

In the manual, Tesla explains how to handle the custom crate, which was recently spotted in the wild as the company is starting to ship the Powerwall. It also includes the list of tools you’ll need to complete the installation and then the step by step instructions of the whole installation process.

Here it is in full:

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