Harley-Davidson Stories May 16

Harley-Davidson has made impressive strides in electric vehicle development, and not just for its LiveWire electric motorcycle halo product. The company’s electric scooter prototype is positioned to be a much more affordable and accessible electric two-wheeler, and here is why it is needed now more than ever.

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Harley-Davidson Stories April 29

It’s no secret that Harley-Davidson has been in a tough financial spot for the last few years. And the figures from Harley-Davidson’s first-quarter earning’s call indicate that the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t made the picture any rosier.

But after H-D’s acting CEO Jochen Zeitz laid out the company’s cash preservation plan and profitability strategy to deal with the effects of the global financial downturn, which included reaffirming the company’s commitment to electric motorcycles, the company’s stock price has been on a tear.

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Harley-Davidson Stories March 4

Harley-Davidson (H-D) hasn’t been shy about expanding its focus into electric two-wheelers, including Harley-Davidson electric bicycles and e-motorcycles. However, so far, we’ve only seen one vehicle make it to production: the Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle. The latest clues indicating that the LiveWire will be getting a few little electric brothers come in the form of these recent filings for upcoming H-D electric vehicles.

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Harley-Davidson Stories January 16

The LiveWire may have been Harley-Davidson’s first foray into electric motorcycles, but it certainly wasn’t its last. And taking a look at the next Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle in the works may help lend some insight into the direction this legacy motorcycle manufacturer is headed.

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Harley-Davidson Stories January 12

We’ve been covering the upcoming Harley-Davidson electric scooter project since the day it was announced as part of the More Roads to Harley-Davidson plan. And now we’re getting our most detailed look yet at the upcoming electric two-wheeler designed to be more approachable than Harley’s big hogs.

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Harley-Davidson Stories November 5, 2019

Harley-Davidson hasn’t been shy when it comes to talking about its ambitious electric bicycle goals. In fact, Harley-Davidson electric bicycles are a big part of the More Roads to Harley Davidson plan.

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Harley-Davidson Stories October 23, 2019

So far, the only thing we’ve known about Harley-Davidson’s upcoming electric bicycles is that they are coming. But now we’ve received new info that sheds some light on what H-D is planning for the lightest motorbikes they’ve ever built. expand full story

Harley-Davidson Stories October 11, 2019

Harley-Davidson’s flagship electric motorcycle, the LiveWire, isn’t going to magically reverse Harley-Davidson’s slumping sales. It can’t singlehandedly save the company.

And it was never meant to.

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Harley-Davidson Stories August 21, 2019

Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire electric motorcycle may be getting all the attention lately, but it’s not the only electric vehicle coming out of H-D. The company is now showing off prototypes for a line of Harley-Davidson electric bicycles with some very interesting features.

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Harley-Davidson Stories July 11, 2019

Harley Davidson and Electrify America have announced a partnership to offer a fast-charging plan to the owners of HD’s upcoming LiveWire electric motorcycle. expand full story

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