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Serial 1 BASH/MTN electric mountain bike unveiled by Harley-Davidson’s e-bike brand

serial 1 Bash/mtn electric bike

When Harley-Davidson spun off its electric bicycle division into Serial 1 and then released several models of urban e-bikes bearing the “/CTY” suffix, the company was dropping a fairly heavy hint that non-city electric bikes would soon follow. Now Serial 1 has made good on that heavy foreshadowing, unveiling the brand’s first electric mountain bike known as the BASH/MTN.

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Harley-Davidson’s Serial 1 launches second generation electric bikes in Google partnership

It’s been over two years since Harley-Davidson spun off Serial 1 as its quasi-independent electric bicycle company. The first generation bikes were met with nearly universal acclaim for their sleek design and high-quality manufacturing. Now the company is back to announce its second generation e-bikes, this time touting a new partnership with Google Cloud.

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Review: Serial 1 Mosh CTY e-bike is an urban commuter dream

Serial 1 Mosh CTY

Serial 1 provided a Mosh CTY review bike to me so I could commute from my hotel in downtown Los Angeles a mile or so south to the Los Angeles Auto Show this week.

But I used it to attend the USC Football game a few miles to the south, dinners/events in various parts of the city, and just generally get around instead of Uber or renting a car.

So, how’d it perform?

Note: Harley/Serial 1 is having a $1000 off Black Friday sale on all of its ebikes

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