Aurora Stories March 30, 2021

The “long-term” partnership announced today is between Volvo Autonomous Solutions and self-driving startup Aurora. The two plan to jointly develop globally-leading autonomous transport solutions at scale, beginning with North America.

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Aurora Stories July 18, 2019

Self-driving startup Aurora undergoing major expansion, moving headquarters, report says

Self-driving startup Aurora, which has secured investments from a number of major automakers as well as Amazon, is reportedly leasing a much larger space as the company shifts its headquarters within Silicon Valley.

Aurora Stories June 13, 2019

As a number of carmakers swap partners and make moves in the self-driving space, Hyundai Motor Group is strengthening its partnership with self-driving startup Aurora through a new investment that will be used to build a platform for the carmaker’s autonomous vehicles.

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Aurora Stories June 12, 2019

Volkswagen is moving away from one self-driving unit in Aurora, and the carmaker could soon be moving on to another in Ford’s Argo.

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Aurora Stories June 10, 2019

Aurora, the self-driving startup that already has relationships with a number of automakers, has just announced its newest collaboration, working with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) on self-driving commercial vehicle platforms.

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Aurora Stories February 7, 2019

Self-driving startup Aurora, which was founded by the leads of all the main self-driving programs (Tesla, Waymo, Uber, and more) announced today that it secured a major $530 million investment from Amazon, Sequoia, and others. expand full story

Aurora Stories January 4, 2018

Self-driving startup Aurora came on the scene in a precarious situation last year when the existence of the company was first made public through Tesla’s lawsuit against Sterling Anderson, co-founder of the startup and the automaker’s former director of Autopilot program.

But they have since settled the suit and Aurora spent the last year working on its self-driving technology.

Not much is known about their tech yet, but it’s apparently impressive enough to convince two major automakers to partner with the startup. expand full story

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