tesla app Stories February 17

Tesla has updated its smartphone app to version 4.6 adding some useful new features including actionable notifications and charging stats, and data-miners have found plans for an upcoming cheaper annual subscription to their Full Self-Driving and Premium Connectivity services.

But even with this upcoming cheaper subscription scheme, Tesla has so far shown no interest in ending its practice of charging owners $1k for hardware they already paid for.

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tesla app Stories December 3, 2021

Tesla is working on integrating vehicle sharing into its app, which could be a step further toward the long-awaited “Tesla Network” launch.

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tesla app Stories November 19, 2021

Tesla is currently suffering from a nationwide (update: now worldwide) app server outage -resulting in owners not being able to connect to their cars.

Update: It appears that functionality has returned, more below

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tesla app Stories September 26, 2019

Along with all the Tesla V10 features coming to the vehicles, Tesla is also releasing a new mobile app update with new features currently in the early access program. expand full story

tesla app Stories July 3, 2019

Tesla is going to enable homeowners with Tesla solar roof tiles and solar panels to access and dive deep into their own power generation data. expand full story

tesla app Stories April 20, 2017

Tesla is launching an updated version of its mobile app and ‘My Tesla’ website today in order to add ‘Powerwall 2‘ and solar system integration.

The new features enable Tesla Powerwall and home solar owners to monitor and manage the “power flow” of their systems directly from the Tesla app – the same one they use to manage their Model S or X if they have one. expand full story

tesla app Stories March 8, 2017

Tesla’s entire API network was down for hours yesterday and it is still down and/or spotty for some owners today – 24 hours after the start of the problem.

It resulted in owners not being able to connect their Tesla vehicle from the mobile app. expand full story

tesla app Stories January 20, 2017


While Tesla’s mobile app was really well-received when it launched back in 2012 and it was ahead of the industry at the time, it hasn’t received much attention from Tesla’s UI and development team over the past 4 years.

In November 2016, CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla is planning a big update for the app coming in late December. It’s now a little late, but Electrek has learned new details about the upcoming app update. expand full story

tesla app Stories November 18, 2016


Tesla CEO Elon Musk already disclosed that Tesla aims to release version 8.1 of its operating system in December and that it will feature UI improvements, but today he also added that a “big mobile app update” is also planned with the release of vehicle software. expand full story

tesla app Stories March 15, 2016

tesla ctrl

We’ve seen a few third-party apps for Tesla’s vehicles over the years, most notably the ‘Remote S for Tesla’, which let you use your car’s functions with Siri and the Apple Watch. Now we learn of a new app using Tesla’s API tools called ‘Tesla CTRL’, which let’s you schedule your Model S functions in advance. expand full story

tesla app Stories February 10, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.39.57 PM

Consumer Reports has been testing Tesla’s latest ‘Autopilot’ update (v7.1) since its unveiling last month and especially the new feature called ‘Summon’, which allows Tesla owners to remotely move their vehicle without anyone in it. expand full story

tesla app Stories November 3, 2015

Tesla-Model-S-third-part-3After a concert last Thursdays night, Katya Pinkowski, a Tesla Model S owner in Vancouver, returned to her car in an underground parking lot to find it missing. Pinkowski told local news outlet The Province that after making sure her Model S didn’t get towed, she called her husband who quickly checked the Tesla App to confirm the location of the vehicle.

Tesla’s smartphone app allows owners to access certain features of their vehicles like climate control, charge state and fortunately for Katya and her husband Cary, real-time location tracking. expand full story

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