Tesla’s entire API network was down for hours yesterday and it is still down and/or spotty for some owners today – 24 hours after the start of the problem.

It resulted in owners not being able to connect their Tesla vehicle from the mobile app.

It’s not a big issue for the most part since the Tesla app is not a critical feature to operating a Tesla, but it can be a major problem for owners who use the app for keyless driving.

It serves as a good reminder to make sure to always have your keyfob around.

The app is also used to locate the vehicle, access climate controls, and monitor state of charge, among other things.

Tesla acknowledged the issue yesterday when the entire network was down, but the company didn’t comment on what happened beyond saying that they were working on the problem. We will update if we can manage to get more information.

Update: Tesla says that it is resolved

It seems back online for most people, but others are still experiencing issues this morning. Electrek publisher Seth was still unable to get his app to connect to his Model S a few minutes ago:

Beyond the app, it also affects all other third-party applications using Tesla’s API.

A similar problem happened last year, but it was with Tesla’s car data network and the issue came from a problem with Cisco Jasper Network.

New software updates are expected in the coming weeks and changes could have affected Tesla’s network, but it’s only speculation at this point.

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