electric skateboard Stories March 13

Future Motion, the company behind the popular Onewheel electric mobility device, has just unveiled the latest model in the lineup. The Onewheel Pint is a smaller, lighter and more affordable version of the company’s popular Onewheel+ XR.

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electric skateboard Stories February 25

Bajaboard, the insanely powerful electric skateboard maker from down under, has a new ridiculously powerful board.

The Bajaboard Pantera packs over 8 kW (10.7 hp) into an off-road electric skateboard. That’s so much power that the company is wary about to whom they’ll even sell it.

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electric skateboard Stories December 20, 2018

Mountain View-based light electric vehicle company Boosted just announced today that they have raised $60M in Series B financing. The company intends to use the funding to develop and produce new types of personal electric vehicles designed to be even more rugged and robust.

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electric skateboard Stories December 19, 2018

Electric skateboards and longboards might sound like toys, but they can actually be very potent commuter vehicles. I’ve personally commuted on electric skateboards for months at a time and loved the thrill that they add to what can be boring around-the-town trips. However, the smaller wheels of most electric skateboards and longboards can make for less than forgiving rides. Sometimes they can even be downright dangerous when sidewalk cracks or potholes swallow up the little wheels.

That’s where all-terrain electric longboards come in, and the Evolve GTX is a perfect example of an insanely awesome all-terrain electric longboard.

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electric skateboard Stories August 18, 2018

Electric skateboarding has been growing in popularity over the last few years as more people discover its benefits. From pleasure riding to actual commuting, electric skateboards and longboards are coming into their own as legitimate forms of personal electric transportation.

Boosted, a leader in the electric skateboard industry, recently released a new line of electric shortboards and longboards. Their flagship longboard is known as the Boosted Stealth, and I’ve been riding it around for the last few weeks. Here’s the skinny. expand full story

electric skateboard Stories June 28, 2018

Skateboards aren’t just for the skatepark anymore. Believe it or not, electric versions are becoming increasingly popular forms of transportation, both for commuting and for pleasure riding.

With the recent boom in interest, the electric skateboard industry has been innovating quickly. Products include new electric shortboards and longboards from industry darling Boosted and more unique designs like the Linky electric longboard that can fold in half to fit in a backpack. expand full story

electric skateboard Stories June 27, 2018

The “last mile” problem is one that cities have been trying to solve for decades. While it is fairly easy to get to most cities, getting around that last mile to your final destination is often anything but simple. On the other end of the trip, “first miles” often have the same issue. How do you get from your home or apartment to the closest bus stop or train station that will take you to work?

That responsibility has often fallen on smaller one-person forms of electric transportation, also known as personal electric vehicles (PEVs). These can be anything from electric bicycles to electric scooters and electric skateboards. Basically anything small, quick and convenient to move someone around a crowded urban environment.

In an effort to determine which of these PEVs is the best option for urban commuting, I spent the last two weeks commuting entirely by personal electric vehicle, and now I want to share my experiences to help you determine how best to get around your city. Read on to see what I learned. expand full story

electric skateboard Stories June 22, 2018

As someone who doesn’t own a car, and instead commutes by all manners of personal electric vehicles (e-bike, e-scooter, e-skateboard, basically e-anything), I was super excited to try out Linky’s new folding electric longboard.

Electric longboards are one of the most fun ways to commute around a city, in my opinion. I love feeling like I’m surfing down the street or bike lane and adding excitement to what would otherwise be a pretty mundane chore of grabbing some vegetables from the market.

But the most annoying part of using a longboard, which is an elongated skateboard meant for cruising instead of tricks, is just how long they are. Anytime I have to pick it up, it feels like I’m carrying a step-ladder around. At least, until I got my hands on a Linky folding electric longboard. expand full story

electric skateboard Stories March 17, 2017

Arc’s 121C Aileron is the “world’s first” pure carbon electric skateboard, pre-order now on Kickstarter

From 9toToys:

Earlier this week, we told you about the electric Bajaboard and just yesterday we noted UrbanX that turns any bicycle into an eBike. Moving to today, it’s time to dive into the 121C Arc Aileron, the “world’s first” pure carbon electric skateboard. With its sleek looks, you wouldn’t be hard-pressed to imagine Jony Ive giving a 30-second spiel about its thin frame. An internal 133WH lithium ion battery supplies 11 miles of range at top speeds of 22mph. It’s also water-resistant and can support inclines up to 22%.

What really makes this electric skateboard standout from the competition is its carbon fiber build. Arc states that it’s the first of its kind, but regardless, its gorgeous. While the frame may be light weight, it does raise some questions about durability. Skateboards are known to taking a beating and that would be a potential concern of mine here but you’re probably not grinding down many rails. The choice to go with a carbon fiber frame puts the total weight under 10-pounds, which is around 33% less than comparable models. Ultimately, that’s a nice difference when carrying it around but does little in the way of efficiency gains. Much like the Bajaboard, this electric skateboard is also controlled with a handheld wireless remote that looks a lot like a Wii nunchuck. Currently a pledge of around $900 will deliver a unit in June if all goes to plan.

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