electric skateboard Stories September 9

While electric skateboards may be brushed off by detractors as simple toys, you shouldn’t dismiss them so quickly. The truth is that they are actually potent commuter vehicles, as demonstrated by the Exway X1 Pro electric skateboard.

Check out our review below to see why this fast and fun electric skateboard makes such a great commuter vehicle.

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electric skateboard Stories August 5

Audi has a new electric micro-mobility offering known as the e-tron Scooter. Half skateboard, half scooter, this new last-mile vehicle from Audi is all-electric.

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electric skateboard Stories July 9

Electric skateboards are one of the most thrilling ways to commute. Sure, I love a good electric bicycle or scooter, but nothing compares to the rush of carving down the street or bike lane on an electric skateboard. And with today’s launch of the Unlimited x Loaded electric skateboard kit, you can turn your favorite longboard into a street-surfing electric cruiser in no time for as low as $769, or pick up a ready-to-ride electric skateboard built on a premium Loaded Boards long or shortboard.

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electric skateboard Stories June 19

In college in Southern California, I would skateboard between classes. It saved a few minutes of commute and was fun on the manicured streets and smooth sidewalks in and around USC.  But even as big a fan of micro mobility, I haven’t since seen skateboarding as a commuter tool, even with the powerful new longboards from Boosted and others. Roads and seasons in New York are just too terrible. But last month, Boosted gave me their $999 Boosted Mini X in an attempt to change my mind…

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electric skateboard Stories June 17

I’m an equal opportunity EV lover – I’ll give any personal electric vehicle a chance. And while electric scooters and e-bikes are fun, nothing gets my heart pumping with a combination of fear and excitement quite like an electric skateboard. Add in all-terrain tires and you’ve got a serious recipe for fun. Check out the Backfire Ranger X1 below. But be careful if you’re prone to impulse shopping. Put your wallet in the other room, because you’re going to want to buy this board!

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electric skateboard Stories March 13

Future Motion, the company behind the popular Onewheel electric mobility device, has just unveiled the latest model in the lineup. The Onewheel Pint is a smaller, lighter and more affordable version of the company’s popular Onewheel+ XR.

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electric skateboard Stories February 25

Bajaboard, the insanely powerful electric skateboard maker from down under, has a new ridiculously powerful board.

The Bajaboard Pantera packs over 8 kW (10.7 hp) into an off-road electric skateboard. That’s so much power that the company is wary about to whom they’ll even sell it.

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electric skateboard Stories December 20, 2018

Mountain View-based light electric vehicle company Boosted just announced today that they have raised $60M in Series B financing. The company intends to use the funding to develop and produce new types of personal electric vehicles designed to be even more rugged and robust.

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electric skateboard Stories December 19, 2018

Electric skateboards and longboards might sound like toys, but they can actually be very potent commuter vehicles. I’ve personally commuted on electric skateboards for months at a time and loved the thrill that they add to what can be boring around-the-town trips. However, the smaller wheels of most electric skateboards and longboards can make for less than forgiving rides. Sometimes they can even be downright dangerous when sidewalk cracks or potholes swallow up the little wheels.

That’s where all-terrain electric longboards come in, and the Evolve GTX is a perfect example of an insanely awesome all-terrain electric longboard.

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electric skateboard Stories August 18, 2018

Electric skateboarding has been growing in popularity over the last few years as more people discover its benefits. From pleasure riding to actual commuting, electric skateboards and longboards are coming into their own as legitimate forms of personal electric transportation.

Boosted, a leader in the electric skateboard industry, recently released a new line of electric shortboards and longboards. Their flagship longboard is known as the Boosted Stealth, and I’ve been riding it around for the last few weeks. Here’s the skinny. expand full story

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