Boosted Stories May 3, 2020

Boosted was a key leader in the premium electric skateboard market before the company’s untimely demise two months ago. As it tuns out, Boosted was apparently working on much larger projects, including a pair of electric bicycles known as the Boosted Bullet and P2.

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Boosted Stories April 26, 2020

Boosted was known as the leader in premium electric skateboards, and even expanded into high-end (and high-power) electric scooters. Thus, news of the company’s bankruptcy and demise came as a shock to their large customer base and to many in the industry.

But now in a strange twist to the Boosted saga, one man has wound up with essentially all of Boosted’s remaining electric skateboard and replacement parts inventory. And he wants to keep the good times rolling.

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Boosted Stories March 4, 2020

In a surprise move, electric skateboard and e-scooter company Boosted confirmed its severe financial troubles and laid off most of its staff.

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Boosted Stories June 19, 2019

In college in Southern California, I would skateboard between classes. It saved a few minutes of commute and was fun on the manicured streets and smooth sidewalks in and around USC.  But even as big a fan of micro mobility, I haven’t since seen skateboarding as a commuter tool, even with the powerful new longboards from Boosted and others. Roads and seasons in New York are just too terrible. But last month, Boosted gave me their $999 Boosted Mini X in an attempt to change my mind…

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