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Backfire Skateboards

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Review: Spoiler alert! Backfire Hammer all-terrain electric skateboard is a beast

Backfire Hammer

I’m admittedly only a couple years into the world of electric skateboards, immersing myself in the technology after seeing people zoom by me on the strand in the South Bay of Los Angeles. One name that continually came up has been Backfire Skateboards, which just recently unveiled its Hammer all-terrain electric board, and I got the opportunity to test it out for you.

While I was a bit timid (and truthfully terrified) by the near 30 mph top speed of this skateboard, I quickly fell in love with the Hammer’s performance and smooth ride through everything I threw at it… and I mean everything. You’re going to want to check the Backfire Hammer out ASAP, because this thing cooks.

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