audi e-tron quattro Stories January 11

With the imminent launch of the production version of the new e-tron quattro later this year, Audi is opening up reservations with deposits for the vehicle to new markets and it is adding the new all-electric e-tron sportback to the mix. expand full story

audi e-tron quattro Stories August 18, 2017

Audi’s upcoming all-electric e-tron quattro SUV, which is expected to go into production in 2018, was spotted testing and towing a trailer – giving us a glimpse of the capacity of the vehicle.  expand full story

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audi e-tron quattro Stories June 12, 2017

There’s nothing more concrete in the electric vehicle revolution than when legacy automakers are converting internal combustion engine production capacity to electric motor production.

Audi seems to understand that as it previews its new electric car factory by saying: “electric motors instead of internal combustion engines, batteries instead of fuel tanks.” expand full story

audi e-tron quattro Stories April 24, 2017

Audi is opening reservations for its first production electric vehicle today ahead of the official launch later this year. We have often portrayed the Audi e-tron quattro as the first of a series of upcoming all-electric vehicles from German premium automakers, but it’s finally not only some distant concepts, but an actual all-electric SUV coming to market with Audi’s 2018 model lineup. expand full story

audi e-tron quattro Stories April 5, 2017

Well it’s not exactly surprising since Porsche and Audi are both premium automakers under the Volkswagen group, but they made it official today. The two German automakers announced that they are now sharing a vehicle architecture strategy for “electrification, digitization, and autonomous driving.”

They will cooperate and create teams from both companies to work on the next generation of vehicles coming out of each brand. expand full story

audi e-tron quattro Stories March 10, 2017

Audi’s upcoming quattro e-tron SUV is expected to be the first in a series of new all-electric premium vehicles from German automakers. Mercedes, Porsche, and BMW are all planning new electric vehicles to come out between 2018 and 2021.

The company has now revealed plans for two more electric vehicles to follow the SUV next year: an electric sports car and an electric compact, said CEO Rupert Stadler via AutoExpress. expand full story

audi e-tron quattro Stories February 10, 2017

Audi’s e-tron quattro SUV could become next year the first in a series of premium all-electric vehicles to come to market. Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, and other premium automakers are all planning EVs for the end of the decade, but the way the vehicles program are set up, Audi is apparently ahead of the pack with its 2018 release.

But of course, Tesla is already well-established in the premium electric vehicle segment with the Model S, a large sedan, and the Model X, a premium SUV.

While discussing the upcoming launch of the e-tron quattro, Audi’s Chief of Sales and Marketing, Dietmar Voggenreiter, decided to ignore the Model X and claim that with the e-tron quattro, Audi will be “the first real premium manufacturer doing a premium electric SUV”(via Autocar). expand full story

audi e-tron quattro Stories January 17, 2017

Today, Audi announced a new a deal with FAW, its Chinese manufacturing partner, to expand its activities in China and introduce a series of luxury all-electric vehicles as well as a broader electrification of their lineup.

The German automaker took notice that China became the world’s biggest electric vehicle market last year and considering the Volkswagen group, Audi’s parent company, is among the few automakers committing to volume production of EVs, they will need market shares in China to sell those vehicles. expand full story

audi e-tron quattro Stories November 30, 2016

While we are waiting for Audi’s first commercially available all-electric vehicle, the quattro e-tron, which is expected to hit the market in 2018, the German automaker announced today that it completed work on what could now be considered its first electric vehicle, the “Audi lunar quattro” rover.

The vehicle, which is equipped with an electric powertrain based on Audi’s e-tron tech used in its “normal” electric vehicle programs, was developed by Audi in partnership with a group of engineers participating in the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition, a unique challenge to land a privately-funded rover on the moon’s surface, drive 500 meters and send back pictures to earth. expand full story

audi e-tron quattro Stories October 13, 2016

Audi confirmed this week that they are pulling the plug on their all-electric e-tron supercar, which is basically a battery-powered version of the Audi R8. If you haven’t heard of the vehicle program despite being launched back in 2009, that’s because Audi ended delivering fewer than 100 units over the last 2 years since starting series production.

The company was reportedly working on a new generation, but they confirmed to Car and Driver yesterday that the program is dead and they are in “the process of delivering the last few units before production stops for good.” expand full story

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