Tesla update Stories July 4, 2016

Just as the first fatal crash in a Tesla with the Autopilot activated came to light last week, we revealed that the automaker is planning to release its software version 8.0. Tesla refers to the update as the most important to its touchscreen since the launch of the Model S in 2012, but it will also feature significant improvements to the Autopilot.

While Tesla has obviously been working on the update before the highly publicized crash, which happened in May, the timing is still interesting as Tesla’s semi-autonomous system is now subject to more scrutiny than ever before. expand full story

Tesla update Stories June 30, 2016

One of Tesla’s main advantages over other automakers is its capacity to send significant software updates over-the-air. Model S and X owners wake up in the morning and ta-da! They have new features in a vehicle they bought weeks, months or even years go, and Tesla’s next update will have something for everyone, whether you have Autopilot hardware in your car or even if you own a ‘classic’ pre-Autopilot Model S.

Electrek has learned all of the so far unreleased details of Tesla’s upcoming update 8.0 — one of its biggest to date. The automaker started testing the latest build with a limited number of owners and it features the most important UI refresh since the launch of the Model S, new Autopilot features and more… expand full story

Tesla update Stories May 31, 2016

Tesla’s latest software update adds new door and seat controls to Model X

Tesla upgraded the Model X software through an over-the-air update this week and introduced a few new small but interesting features to its all-electric SUV.

Tesla update Stories April 15, 2016

Tuesday, Tesla introduced its first significant redesign of Model S since launching the sedan in 2012. Normally, design changes are extremely polarizing, especially for adored products like the Model S, which won almost every car award out there.

But it would seem that Tesla enthusiasts are more inclined to embrace change than the average consumer. According to a poll we published earlier this week, 85% of our readers prefer the new Model S fascia over the original nosecone design. expand full story

Tesla update Stories April 12, 2016

Update: It’s now official. Here’s our post on the new and updated Model S.

We first reported on an expected Tesla Model S facelift at the end of last year and even though Tesla denied working on a design refresh at the time, it became increasingly clear that it was in the works. We have since then received information from sources on exactly what that would look like, as well as new features to be introduced with the updated sedan. expand full story

Tesla update Stories April 10, 2016

Tesla pushed a new update to its fleet this weekend ( There’s no new release notes since the latest ‘Summon’ update and we have yet to see a report showing any significant improvement or new features. Although, the update appears to contain a new Easter Egg. expand full story

Tesla update Stories February 17, 2016

Tesla released today its latest software update pushed over-the-air to Model S owners. The new update (v7.1 2.12.22) includes the fix for the small safety concern uncovered by Consumer Reports during testings of the new ‘Summon’ feature last week, as well as new customization options and improved Autopilot features. expand full story

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