tesla accident Stories September 7, 2016

Early this morning in Baarn in the Netherlands, a 53-year old Tesla Model S driver tragically died in a crash. His Model S left the road and hit a tree at high speed. The vehicle caught on fire and the driver was reportedly dead by the time the firefighters were on the scene. expand full story

tesla accident Stories August 15, 2016

Fatal accidents involving the Tesla Model S are fortunately rare, thanks to its several segment-leading safety features, but tragic accidents do happen. The latest happened today when a Model S was rear-ended at high-speed by a large SUV on the 405 Freeway leaving a 7-year-old 10-year-old girl dead and a 13-year-old girl in critical condition.

The girls’ father, the driver of the Tesla, has been taken to the hospital, but his life is reportedly not in danger. expand full story

tesla accident Stories August 5, 2016

You might remember when we reported on a Tesla Model S driver in Switzerland publishing a video of his car crashing into a van after the vehicle Tesla’s Autopilot was following swerve halfway off his lane to pass a van on the side of the road.

Now a very similar accident happened in China and the Model S driver also caught the fender bender on his dashcam. expand full story

tesla accident Stories July 30, 2016

With Tesla’s fleet rapidly increasing in numbers, it is not too surprising to see more accidents involving its vehicles, but these days it looks like there’s one spectacular (scary) accident every week. The latest happened in Newark, Delaware this morning when a tractor-trailer flipped on its side after hitting a Tesla Model S. expand full story

tesla accident Stories July 26, 2016

Tesla Model S owner walks away uninjured from severe frontal crash with a BMW in a tunnel [Gallery]

Late last night, a Tesla Model S was involved in an serious frontal accident with BMW in a tunnel in Switzerland. Unfortunately, the BMW driver was injured and had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance – though 20 minuten (German) reports that his injuries were minor.

tesla accident Stories July 14, 2016

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a statement last week confirming that it will investigate the recent Tesla Model X rollover accident in Pennsylvania after the driver claimed that the Autopilot was activated during the crash.

Last week, Tesla said that they couldn’t access the data logs remotely because of the damage on the vehicle, but a spokesperson also said that they “have no reason to believe that Autopilot had anything to do with this accident”. expand full story

After the Consumer Watchdog calling for the Tesla to disable the Autopilot following the recent fatal Model S crash while the system was activated, now the respected Consumer Reports magazine is weighing in and also asking Tesla to walk back some of the Autopilot features.

Tesla already responded to the publication saying that they are taking decisions based on “real-world data, not speculation by media”. expand full story

tesla accident Stories July 13, 2016

Sterling Anderson, Tesla’s Director of Autopilot Programs, made a rare comment on the recent and evolving situation around his project at the automaker. He said that it’s been “a dark couple of months” for his team after the death of Joshua Brown, the Model S owner involved in an accident in Florida while driving on Autopilot, and the subsequent media coverage of the tragic event. expand full story

tesla accident Stories July 12, 2016

Following the news of the fatal crash in a Model S in May, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) implied that Tesla could be planning to disable the Autopilot when drivers are not using it properly, but now Elon Musk gave a quick interview to the publication (Paywall) and says that the company has no plan to disable the Autopilot. expand full story

tesla accident Stories July 11, 2016

Ever since the very publicized fatal Florida accident in a Model S while the Autopilot was activated, Tesla’s semi-autonomous driver assist system has been getting its reputation tarnished in the media. Autopilot took blame for a few subsequent incidents, despite nothing currently pointing to the system being the cause of any of the accidents – though NHTSA is now probing the Autopilot over two of them.

Now we learn of yet another crash where the Autopilot was reportedly at play. A Tesla Model X crashed in Montana Saturday night resulting in the SUV driving through a guardrail and going off the road. The driver blames the Autopilot but Tesla has yet to chime in… expand full story

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