autopark Stories February 18, 2016

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Tesla released its latest software update (v7.1 2.12.22) for the Model S and X yesterday. You can read the full release notes here, but the main improvement is the ability to activate the Summon/self-parking feature from inside the vehicle before exiting, and we now have a video demonstrating the improved feature. expand full story

autopark Stories February 17, 2016

tesla summon

Tesla released today its latest software update pushed over-the-air to Model S owners. The new update (v7.1 2.12.22) includes the fix for the small safety concern uncovered by Consumer Reports during testings of the new ‘Summon’ feature last week, as well as new customization options and improved Autopilot features. expand full story

autopark Stories January 10, 2016

Tesla Autopark

The new “Summon” feature received most of the attention after yesterday’s release of Tesla’s software v7.1, but the automaker also released ‘auto perpendicular parking’, which adds to the ‘auto parallel park’ feature Tesla released in October with the update v7.0. expand full story

autopark Stories December 8, 2015

mobileye_cameras_dataWe recently reported on Tesla starting to push new Autopilot restrictions to some Model S owners last Sunday – about a month after Tesla CEO Elon Musk warned of upcoming constraints to limit some potentially dangerous use of the Autopilot as seen in videos posted online.

The Model S owners reporting on forums having received the update with new Autopilot restrictions have quickly removed their posts. We now learn through sources with knowledge of matter that Tesla started testing the new version 7.1 of its software with a select group of Model S owners this week.

The new update includes UI improvements, a new self-parking feature, ‘Driver Mode’ and Autopilot restrictions. expand full story

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