tesla retail Stories November 25, 2016


Earlier this year, Tesla made its already unique retail strategy in the auto industry even more unique by opening a small retail gallery in the Nordstrom store at The Grove in Los Angeles. At the time, both the automaker and the upscale fashion retailer described the partnership as a pilot project to explore the retail strategy of combining the sales of high-end fashion with luxury vehicles.

It looks like the project went well enough that they decided to expand their partnership to a second location, this time on the other side of the country in Charlotte, North Carolina, and more locations are also expected to follow. expand full story

tesla retail Stories October 19, 2016


Earlier this summer, Tesla’s Vice President of North American sales, Ganesh Srivats, said that the automaker is working on a ‘drastic redesign of its retail concept’ ahead of Model 3 launch. He isn’t offering many details about what the redesign will entail, but he elaborated on Tesla’s retail strategy last week at the 2016 Fashion Tech Forum.

He said that we should expect Tesla’s stores to evolve from the “assisted store experience” to the “autonomous store experience”. expand full story

tesla retail Stories July 18, 2016


Tesla recently made a key hire in digital retail and user experience. Electrek has learned that the automaker hired Chester Chipperfield, former Burberry Vice President of Digital and Interactive Design, earlier this month. Chipperfield, who more recently worked at Apple, confirmed the move on his LinkedIn profile.

He is taking over the role of ‘Global Creative Director’ at Tesla after leaving ‘Special Projects’, which is where Apple’s Titan car project (and other ventures) lives, at the Cupertino company earlier this month. expand full story

tesla retail Stories June 14, 2016


Tesla has an undoubtedly unique retail strategy in the auto industry, the company owns all its retail locations and has plenty of ‘galleries’ in malls, which is unusual for an automaker, but it is now taking it to the next level by launching a pilot project to sell its vehicles inside Nordstrom stores – starting with the one at The Grove, a multiplex retail center in Los Angeles.

The new location will open on Saturday. Fast Company reports that it will take up a 400-sq. foot section of the store – see the concept rendering above. expand full story

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