tesla battery Stories May 9, 2017

Almost a year into his new research partnership with Tesla, battery researcher Jeff Dahn has been hitting the talk circuit presenting some of his team’s recent progress. We reported last week on his talk at the International Battery Seminar from March and now we have a talk from him at MIT this week.

He went into details about why Tesla decided to work with his team and hire one of his graduate students, but he also announced that they have developed cells that can double the lifetime of the batteries in Tesla’s products – 4 years ahead of schedule.

Update: Dahn reached out to clarify that the cells in question were tested in the lab and they are not in Tesla’s products yet. expand full story

tesla battery Stories May 4, 2017

Historical data from Tesla’s current battery packs show about 5% capacity degradation after 50,000 miles (80,000 km) and the capacity levels off for about 150,000 more miles before hitting 90% capacity.

Those are already pretty good results, but Tesla aims to do better with Jeff Dahn, a renowned battery researcher and the leader of Tesla’s research partnership through his battery-research group at Dalhousie University.

The scientist and his team recently unveiled their latest research on a new chemistry that could enable even more cycles without significant degradation. expand full story

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tesla battery Stories March 26, 2017

Since Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity, the company’s mission slightly changed from “accelerating the advent of electric transport” to “accelerating the advent of sustainable energy”. The company wants to offer solutions throughout the entire energy production and consumption process.

At a conference last week, a Tesla executive explained the company’s vision for managing all that energy across all their products. expand full story

tesla battery Stories March 23, 2017

Tesla is putting continuous efforts into making its battery packs safer. We saw a great example earlier this year when we reported on Tesla setting fire to a Powerpack to test its safety features with impressive results.

In its latest effort, the company filed a new application for a patent for an apparatus and method for ‘charging batteries safely’. expand full story

tesla battery Stories February 13, 2017

A few years back, there was a lot of talk about Tesla potentially using a metal-air/li-ion hybrid powertrain to enable a longer range and faster charging in future vehicles. There’s no doubt that the company worked on such a system since they applied for several patents related to the tech, but that was mainly back in 2010 when they were still very much in the heavy development work for the Model S.

At this point, it looks like Tesla is very committed to li-ion batteries and metal-air doesn’t seem to be on the map anymore, but the company was recently granted another patent related to emerging battery technology. expand full story

tesla battery Stories February 7, 2017

Jeff Dahn, renowned battery researcher and the leader of Tesla’s research partnership through his battery-research group at Dalhousie University, won the prestigious Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for Science and Engineering this week and made some interesting comments about his partnership with Tesla. expand full story

tesla battery Stories January 16, 2017

Despite an announcement earlier this month and some information leaking from a subsequent investor event, not many details are currently known about Tesla’s new battery cell production at the Gigafactory.

We now learn that an upcoming event should reveal more information. Tesla’s Senior Director of Cell Supply Chain & Business Development, Kurt Kelty, and its battery cell research partner, Jeff Dahn of Dalhousie University, will both present at the upcoming International Battery Seminar & Exhibit in March. expand full story

tesla battery Stories January 4, 2017

For the past year, Tesla has been guiding “by the end of the year” for the start of battery cell production at the Gigafactory. The end of the year has come and gone, but Tesla didn’t confirm the start of production.

As it turns out, Tesla, and its battery partner Panasonic, started production of cells for qualification at the plant in December, but today, it confirmed the start of “mass production” of the new battery cell, which will enable several of Tesla’s new products, including the Model 3. expand full story

tesla battery Stories December 1, 2016

Considering most specs about Tesla’s batteries are kept secret, it can sometimes be difficult to understand the company’s competitive advantage in this space. Experience and data are certainly important factors. Tesla was the first company to treat battery cells as a commodity and build large battery packs using thousands of common cylindrical li-ion battery cells. That was over a decade ago. expand full story

tesla battery Stories November 1, 2016

Despite being one of the main concerns with potential new electric vehicle buyers, battery degradation is starting to look less like an actual issue. Earlier this year, we reported on new data showing very little capacity loss over high mileage and now we have significantly more data backing this claim through a new survey. expand full story

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