SOLO Stories May 22, 2019

Electra Meccanica’s SOLO to earn $2,500 rebate in Oregon, more than doubling its California rebate

Electra Meccanica announced its SOLO has been approved to participate in Oregon’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Program. SOLO customers will qualify for a $2,500 rebate in the state — more than double what California SOLO customers will receive.

SOLO Stories May 6, 2019

Electra Meccanica’s SOLO qualifies for $900 rebate as zero-emission motorcycle in California

Electra Meccanica announced that its SOLO EV has received approval for California’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, with customers qualifying for a $900 rebate.

SOLO Stories August 10, 2018

Just as Tesla is preparing to go private, another electric vehicle startup, Electra Meccanica, is announcing plans to go public in order to bring the SOLO electric three-wheeler and Tofino electric roadster to market. expand full story

SOLO Stories May 9, 2018

Just over a year and a half after Canada’s Electra Meccanica first unveiled their single seat EV, deliveries of the SOLO have now begun in the US after recently receiving certification for sale in the country.

The SOLO is a three wheeled EV that feels like a luxury electric car, but is technically registered as a motorcycle. expand full story

SOLO Stories October 5, 2017

Earlier this year, Electra Meccanica, the electric division of the formerly Italian (now based in Canada) automaker InterMeccanica, finally started deliveries of its ~$15,000 all-electric three-wheeler, the SOLO. But the vehicle has been in low volume production and only a handful of units have been delivered so far.

Now Electra Meccanica announced this week that they signed a manufacturing agreement to bring the car to volume production as soon as next year. expand full story

SOLO Stories September 9, 2016


We have been talking about the SOLO for a while now, but it’s finally here. Today, Electra Meccanica unveiled the version production its all-electric 3-wheeler in Vancouver. We get a good look at the final design of the one-seater commuter with a ridiculously small footprint. expand full story

SOLO Stories August 2, 2016


After a few delays leading to production, Electra Meccanica appears to be ready to bring its all-electric three-wheeler, the SOLO, to market. The Vancouver-based company now scheduled the launch for September 9th, 2016 and the company now lists an official MSRP of $19,888 CAD ($15,150 USD) for the 2017 SOLO. expand full story

SOLO Stories June 3, 2016

solo test

Back in April, we reported on Electra Meccanica CEO Jerry Kroll announcing that the company plans to start low-volume production of its all-electric three-wheeler, the Solo, in June 2016. We are now in June and the company is pushing the start of production to July, but this week, Electra Meccanica announced that it successfully completed the first round of track tests on its production chassis. expand full story

SOLO Stories April 4, 2016

All-electric three-wheeler SOLO is coming in June, says Electra Meccanica CEO

In blog post published this weekend, Electra Meccanica CEO Jerry Kroll said that the company expects to start production of its all-electric three-wheeler, the SOLO, in June and to start deliveries in the following months.

SOLO Stories March 16, 2016

solo chassis

Electra Meccanica is the electric division of the formerly Italian (now based in Canada) automaker InterMeccanica and best known for its trademark Roadsters. The electric division has been working on its next generation single-seater three-wheeler EV, the SOLO, for a while now and it aims to bring it to market in limited production by the end of the year.

It looks like the company is making progress and this week Electra Meccanica released a quick sneak peek of the SOLO’s chassis. expand full story

SOLO Stories October 26, 2015

ElectraMeccanica’s next gen Sparrow, the SOLO, will get an impressive new look

ElectraMeccanica, the electric division of InterMeccanica, is known for the Sparrow, a single-seater three-wheel EV. The Sparrow was as ugly as it gets, but it was also an interesting prototype and precursor to the company’s next generation single-seater: the SOLO.

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