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Electric Dirt Bikes

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New Stark Varg revolutionizes electric dirt bikes with specs that crush gas bikes

A new Swedish electric dirt bike company known as Stark Future has just unveiled the most groundbreaking electric dirt bike to shake up the industry in years. The Stark Varg combines extreme power and torque with a design that should have it competing with and beating gas-powered bikes on just about everything but price.

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The fun-looking Transformer is a small electric dirt ‘bike’ that fits in a trunk (and in your budget)

I ride and write about all sorts of light electric vehicles including electric bikes, scooters, motorcycles, and dirt bikes. But I have no idea where or how to classify the new Splach Transformer. It’s something of a hybrid light electric two-wheeler that not only fits in multiple categories, but allows users to easily modify it into more of one type of rideable or another.

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