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ElectraMeccanica partners with self-driving startup to test autonomous food deliveries and rides-on-demand via SOLO EV pilot program

autonomous deliveries

Compact EV manufacturer ElectraMeccanica has announced a new partnership with autonomous technology startup Faction Technology, Inc. Through the partnership, ElectraMeccanica will provide its SOLO EVs to a pilot program that will test Faction’s self-driving platform as it relates to autonomous food deliveries and vehicles on demand.

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ElectraMeccanica announces it will begin deliveries of its SOLO Cargo EV in Q2 2022

SOLO EV deliveries

Following customer deliveries of its flagship SOLO EV last fall, compact electric vehicle manufacturer ElectraMeccanica has shared a delivery timeline for the upcoming Cargo version of the SOLO. Later this year, both commercial and fleet customers will see the new SOLO EVs delivered with over twice the cargo capacity.

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ElectraMeccanica unveils ‘Cargo’ version of its SOLO EV

ElectraMeccanica SOLO Cargo

During this year’s ACT Expo in Long Beach, California, ElectraMeccanica debuted a “Cargo” version of its flagship three-wheeled EV, the SOLO. The new version, the “SOLO Cargo EV,” was designed with an expanded cargo box specifically for light commercial fleets for operations like deliveries. As a sponsor of the “ACT Ride and Drive” event today, the public can also test drive the SOLO EV outside the expo center.

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ElectraMeccanica confirms Mesa, Arizona, home to new assembly facility

ElectraMeccanica US facility

In a press release today, ElectraMeccanica ($SOLO) announced the site for its US-based assembly facility. The facility plus an engineering technical center will be in Mesa, Arizona. The confirmation puts a bookend on a year-long search that began in February of 2020. With this news, Arizona is quickly becoming a new hub for electric vehicle manufacturing.

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ElectraMeccanica chooses city for US plant, announcement to follow

ElectraMeccanica in U.S.

Canadian EV manufacturer Electrameccanica recently announced a decision on the location of its first US-based assembly facility. The chosen location will also be the new home to the manufacturer’s engineering technical center. The facility will produce the three-wheeled SOLO EV, which has begun test drives for early adopters in the US.

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EGEB: MidAmerican to offer clients 100% green energy, Dandelion seeks to democratize geothermal energy, market adapts to tariffs

Electrek Green Energy Brief: A daily technical, financial, and political review/analysis of important green energy news.

Today on EGEB, MidAmerican claims it will be the first U.S. utility to offer 100% renewable energy to willing clients. Dandelion seeks to take a foothold in the heating and air conditioning market with a new geothermal unit. Foreign companies adapt to Trump’s tariffs by planning new U.S. factories.