Electra Meccanica Solo Stories May 18, 2017

It’s about a year late, but it now seems to be truly coming to market. Electra Meccanica, the electric division of the formerly Italian (now based in Canada) automaker InterMeccanica, first planned to bring its ~$15,000 all-electric three-wheeler, the SOLO, to production during summer 2016, but it is now going through federal certification for the United States and Canada.

CEO Jerry Kroll says that it will be certified by the end of the month and they should be able to start deliveries a few weeks later. expand full story

Electra Meccanica Solo Stories June 3, 2016

solo test

Back in April, we reported on Electra Meccanica CEO Jerry Kroll announcing that the company plans to start low-volume production of its all-electric three-wheeler, the Solo, in June 2016. We are now in June and the company is pushing the start of production to July, but this week, Electra Meccanica announced that it successfully completed the first round of track tests on its production chassis. expand full story

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