Tesla has been keeping one card close to its chest when it comes to creating additional demand for Model 3: leasing options.

Now Electrek has learned that Tesla is preparing to launch its leasing products for Model 3 as outlined in an email sent to employees. expand full story

February 17

Here are some of the cheapest Tesla vehicles used and new (Model 3, Model S, Model X, and even Roadster) that you can buy today. expand full story

February 13

Tesla is launching its new Sentry Mode to ‘protect against break-ins and theft’ through a software update using its Autopilot camera. expand full story

NHTSA released a report two years ago claiming that Tesla‘s vehicle crash rate dropped by 40% after the introduction of Autopilot.

Now a strange report is contesting the claim following a FOIA (freedom of information act) lawsuit to release the data, but Tesla defended the claim in a statement. expand full story

February 11

A Tesla vehicle crashed into ‘several signs on the road’ in New Jersey last night and the driver claims that his Model X was on Autopilot and he couldn’t disengage the driver assist system, which would be a first. expand full story

February 12

Tesla has carefully hidden an extensive ‘Back to the Future’ Easter egg in its mobile app software and it was discovered this week. expand full story

February 11

Tesla vehicles have been the target of break-ins recently and the automaker is now giving some security tips to owners in order to avoid them ahead of an upcoming new feature. expand full story

January 8, 2018

On December 29th, 2017, I took delivery of one of the first non-employee Model 3s.  This was a day which many of us early EV drivers have been awaiting for a long time – the realization of Tesla’s “secret master plan” announced more than ten years ago.  And now that the car we’ve all been waiting for is finally on the road, here’s my Tesla Model 3 review.

A lot has happened between the institution of Tesla’s master plan and now, and the industry has changed significantly.  At the time, basically the only electric cars on the road in the United States were DIY projects, golf-cart-like “neighborhood electric vehicles,” and the few first-generation RAV4 EVs which had made their way into private hands. GM had recently crushed its stockpile of lease-only EV1s.

The “plan” was that Tesla would be an example for the rest of the industry, that they would release a great car and other manufacturers would follow upon seeing that example. The plan would mean more competition as other manufacturers would try to make better and better EVs until they reached parity and eventually surpassed gasoline.

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February 8

The first European production Tesla Model 3 stopped at a 175 kW CCS charging station and recorded a new charge rate record for the electric vehicle: 126 kW – 5 kW higher than on than on Tesla’s own Superchargers. expand full story

Tesla started deliveries of Model 3 in Europe yesterday, but we’ve now learned that Autopilot is not available in those vehicles due to a delay in regulatory approval, but don’t panic – it should be available any day.

Update: as expected, Autopilot has now been approved and Tesla should be able to soon push the update. expand full story

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