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October 13

Tesla gives Model X range increase with 2021 version

Tesla is increasing the range of the Model X with the new 2021 version, according to a new Monroney sticker.

October 23

Tesla is recalling almost all Model S/Model X sent to China over suspension issue

Tesla is issuing a recall on close to 30,000 Model S and Model X vehicles made for the China market, with the bulk of those models already exported to the country, over an issue with its suspension.

October 16

Tesla gives big range increase to Model S Performance

Tesla has given quite a significant range increase to the Model S Performance, but it’s the only trim of the Model S to receive an update.

October 13

Tesla (TSLA) slashes Model S price, now starts at just $71,990

Tesla (TSLA) has reduced the price of its flagship sedan, the Model S, today. The electric car now starts at just $71,990.

October 22

Tesla software leak reveals HEPA filter with Bioweapon Defense Mode coming to Model Y

A new Tesla software leak revealed that the automaker is planning to bring a HEPA filter, enabling Tesla’s Bioweapon Defense Mode, to Model Y.

October 9

Best center console organizers for Tesla Model 3, Model S, and more

Looking to organize your center console? Some people opt for chaos, while others choose to buy a center console organizer for their knick knacks. If you’re one in the latter category, this list of the best center console organizers for various Tesla models is for you. Best center console organizers for Tesla Model 3/Model Y […]

Best wireless smartphone chargers for Tesla Model 3, Model S, and more

If you’re on the cutting edge of vehicles in the purchase of your all-electric Tesla, chances are you also keep your phone charged via the wireless Qi standard. While you can certainly plug in your phone to the normal USB ports in your Tesla directly or via a USB hub, you can also opt for […]

October 23

Tesla argues no defect on suspension, says China is forcing unnecessary recall

Tesla is arguing that there’s actually no defect with its Model S/Model X suspension and that China is basically forcing an unnecessary recall.

October 9

Best center console screen protectors for Tesla Model 3, Model S, and more

Looking for the best screen protectors for your Tesla? As you know the Tesla’s infotainment display — whether you have an older Model S or a new Model Y — is the centerpiece for almost all of the car’s controls. For that reason, it’s basically essential that you keep it protected. Best screen protectors for Tesla Model […]

October 19

Tesla slashes its used car warranty — killing another confidence builder

Tesla has significantly weakened its used car warranty in another strange killing of a consumer confidence builder from the automaker.

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