Sustainable energy Stories Today

New Jersey has banned plastic bags and utensils, polystyrene foam containers… and even paper bags. And truth be told, it could afford to be even stricter.

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Sustainable energy Stories September 24

IBM Research has announced its annual 5 in 5: five significant changes driven by innovation in science and technology within five years. IBM Research’s look into the future this year focused on the question, “How can we use technology to reinvent materials design and discovery to find more sustainable solutions to everyday problems?”

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Sustainable energy Stories June 18

The International Energy Agency, in collaboration with the International Monetary Fund, today released the Sustainable Recovery Plan. The report “outlines energy-focused policies and investments to move the world toward a cleaner and more resilient future.”

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Sustainable energy Stories October 25, 2019

Sustainable energy leader Costa Rica holds its first green technology fair

Eco-friendly Costa Rica held its very first green technology fair this month. It was free and open to the public. The First International Fair of Green Technologies in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (FIVERAC) was held at the Costa Rica Convention Center in San José. It showcased sustainable residential, commercial, and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning.

Sustainable energy Stories September 14, 2015

Energy retailer Viridian partners up with solar provider Sungevity

Energy retailer Viridian announced today a partnership with solar provider Sungevity to offer solar energy though its network of associates. The arrangement is not new for Viridian which had a similar deal with SolarCity. 

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