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Cora is an electric ‘sky Uber drone’ from Google’s Larry Page and Sebastian Thrun, 2021 New Zealand launch plan

The flying taxi company Kitty Hawk last night launched ‘Cora’, a Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) personal airplane/helicopter drone hybrid that will carry a passenger. Kitty Hawk is funded by Google co-founder Larry Page and CEO-ed by Sebastian Thrun, the self-driving car pioneer who is the founding director of Google’s X lab. Expand

Most Ludicrous Tesla Model S drag race yet ushers in Qantas tie up [Video]


There have been a lot of Tesla Model S/X drag races, some more ridiculous than others. But today’s might take the cake.

Australian Airline Qantas put their 737-800up against Tesla’s Model S  along the three kilometre runway at Avalon Airport southwest of Melbourne, Australia. Nevermind that the Tesla Model S can’t even do 181 mph which is the take off speed of this aircraft.

Plane versus car… pilot versus driver. We raced our Boeing 737 against a Tesla Model S to celebrate innovation and sustainability with Tesla Motors.

Who won? My 1st reaction was “certainly not the environment” – they probably used the same amount of petrol that all of Tesla Model S/X in Australia saved together in a year on this stunt. But Qantas says they’ve offset that somehow and have some exciting tie-ups with Tesla Motors. Head south for details…and the drag video…  Expand