lawsuit Stories July 12, 2016

hyperloop one steve marcus

If you follow Electrek, you know we are big fans of the Hyperloop concept and we are following closely the companies working to make it a reality. Hyperloop One, the company arguably making the most progress with already a full-scale test track under construction (pictured above) and several deals to develop routes, is now under scrutiny after one of the co-founders left and is now suing the company along with other executives. expand full story

lawsuit Stories May 24, 2016


According to documents reviewed by Handelblatt, “it is likely that U.S. silicon supplier Hemlock will win a case it brought against Solarworld for allegedly not fulfilling a contract and claiming up to $770 million in damages.” SolarWorld recently reiterated their position that the probability of losing this case was ‘low.’ In earlier quarterly statements SolarWorld has also said that a victory by Hemlock is seen as, “possibly even threatening the continued existence of the company.” The verdict is expected on June 9, 2016. expand full story

lawsuit Stories January 19, 2016


Two homeowners with rooftop-solar systems initiated a class action lawsuit in Clark County District Court against Nevada Power, a utility part of Warren Buffet’s NV Energy, over the recent net metering rate changes approved by the Public Utilities Commission. expand full story

lawsuit Stories January 4, 2016

Due to Volkswagen’s and the Environmental Protection Agency’s incapacity to come to deal after discussions over how to fix the cars affected by the emissions tests cheating, the U.S. Department of Justice officially sued the German automaker on behalf of the EPA in federal court on Monday. expand full story

lawsuit Stories October 28, 2015

tesla_remote SA patent troll is currently suing Apple, Samsung and half the automotive industry – as well as other companies – over the use of a vague, decade old patent that covers operating certain functions of a vehicle, like starting the engine and locking/unlocking doors, through a “watch” – now known as a “smartwatch”.

Intellectual Capital Consulting (LCC), the plaintiff in the lawsuit (which we embed below), claims that the defendants are using patented technology in smartwatch products and software that they are selling or contributing to sell. expand full story

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