fuel economy Stories February 2, 2021

All automakers have dropped support for a lawsuit that threatened California’s long-held legal ability to set its own emissions rules, as reported by Reuters.

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fuel economy Stories July 25, 2019

Four big automakers have cut a deal with California to adopt the state’s vehicle emissions rules in a compromise agreement, bypassing the Trump administration’s plan to freeze fuel economy standards.

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fuel economy Stories July 15, 2019

The Trump administration said late last week it was suspending an Obama-era regulation that increased penalties for automakers failing to meet fuel efficiency requirements.

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fuel economy Stories July 9, 2019

As the Trump administration prepares to unveil its finalized fuel economy rollback, more states than ever are seeking an end to the proposal, as 24 governors have signed a pledge asking the federal government not to weaken fuel standards.

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fuel economy Stories June 17, 2019

As the Environmental Protection Agency and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration prepare to unveil the planned rollback of fuel economy standards soon, major investors in auto companies are the latest group to publicly voice their concerns about the proposal.

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fuel economy Stories April 11, 2019

The Trump administration has “settled on the key details” of its plan to roll back fuel economy standards, according to a new report. And automakers are now preparing for a future where some states purposely follow stricter rules than others.

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fuel economy Stories March 20, 2019

Global fuel economy has improved during a 12-year span, but those gains have slowed in more recent years, raising concerns about reaching future fuel economy goals.

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fuel economy Stories September 10, 2015

filephoto-jerry-brown-governorDuring a press conference late Wednesday night, Governor Jerry Brown announced that California Democratic lawmakers abandoned the drastic fuel economy provision from the Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act, which is currently being discussed in the State Assembly.

The provision in question was a requirement for a reduction of 50 percent of fuel used in cars and trucks in the state by 2030, which would have forced automakers to improve fuel efficiency and offer more electric vehicles in the state of California. expand full story

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