electric motorcycles Stories September 14

Electric motorcycles might just be one of the quickest growing markets in the electric vehicle industry. From Harley-Davidson’s new premium electric motorcycle lineup to $2,000 imported Chinese electric motorcycles, we’re seeing interesting new e-moto offerings nearly weekly.

Now a new company in Long Beach, California is preparing to offer their own line of three new electric motorcycles with decidedly non-electric motorcycle stylings.

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electric motorcycles Stories September 12

With electric motorcycles, dirt bikes and light electric sport bikes becoming more popular and even competitive, electric motocross bikes are increasingly common sights on tracks around the world. But such electric bikes aren’t always welcome. With high torque and power, they don’t really belong on many mountain bike trails, and yet they sometimes don’t have the range to last for extended sessions on longer motocross tracks. Plus, many riders want to be able to head straight from their garage or apartment to the track.

So Swedish electric motorcycle company Cake decided to solve the problem by designing a new motocross track meant solely for electric bikes.

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electric motorcycles Stories September 11

The electric motorcycle market is growing at a healthy rate with impressive new designs being introduced nearly every week. From Zero’s new line of commuter and sport electric motorcycles to high powered offerings from Curtiss and even a line of five upcoming Harley Davidson electric bikes, the future is looking good for anyone interested in two-wheeled electric fun.

Now a new Finnish company is throwing their hat in the ring with a design that sets it apart from the rest – a powerful electric motorcycle with a hubless rear-motor wheel.

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electric motorcycles Stories September 5

Harley-Davidson has been dangling its electric motorcycle concept in front of us for years, and has confirmed a 2019 release for the project.

While some have speculated about how committed the company is to an electric future, Harley-Davidson may be assuaging some of those concerns with news of their new Silicon Valley research and development center.

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electric motorcycles Stories August 10

Having spent my formative years (i.e. hooligan years) growing up in Georgia and Arkansas, I know a thing or two about exploring a farm or backwoods on a quad, all terrain vehicle or dirt bike. They make great platforms for navigating rough terrain, if you don’t mind the loud engine noise, finicky carburetors and smell of exhaust.

But why suffer when there’s a better way? New Zealand-based UBCO developed an all wheel drive electric dirt bike that is now available in the US. expand full story

electric motorcycles Stories August 8

The Honda Super Cub is a legendary retro-styled motorbike that has been in continuous production since 1958. With over 100 million units sold, it holds the record for being the most produced motor vehicle in history.

For all of its strengths however, the little retro scooter has one major downside: its internal combustion engine. Sure, it’s a gas sipper instead of guzzler, but it’s gas nonetheless. Until now, that is, as the Super Cub is finally being reborn as an EV. expand full story

electric motorcycles Stories July 23

Two-wheeled electric vehicles aren’t exactly in limited supply. There are hundreds of different electric bicycles and dozens of electric motorcycles and scooters to choose from in the US alone. However, the prices of existing options are quite delineated, with budget electric bicycles starting at under $1,000, followed by mid-range electric bicycles of higher quality in the $2,000 range, then nicer (and faster) electric mopeds and scooters that usually cost up to $4,000, and lastly full-scale electric motorcycles that start at around $10,000 and increase steeply from there.

Now a California-based company is introducing a new electric motorcycle into the mix, offering faster speeds than most electric bicycles and scooters at a price less than $2,000. expand full story

electric motorcycles Stories June 25

As battery technology catches up with the rest of the electric vehicle industry, electric motorcycles are increasingly replacing their gas counterparts. Recent offerings have been packing more energy and power into two-wheeled EVs, helping them better compete against combustion-engine alternatives.

Alta’s Redshift EXR multi-terrain electric motorcycle is a great example of an EV in the motorcycle industry that has made a strong showing against a traditionally loud and proud gas-fueled sport. And now Alta has announced the 2019 Redshift EXR, poised to help push gas bikes even further to the wayside. expand full story

electric motorcycles Stories June 11

France is better known for its high fashion than for fast motorcycles, but the French custom garage Jambon-Beurre Motorcycle wants to change that, or at least combine the two. Operated by Benjamin Cochard and Antonin Guidicci, Jambon-Beurre Motorcycle is a small startup better known for their custom ICE motorcycle designs, though they have also built an impressive 80 kW flat track electric motorcycle.

Now they are headed in a bold new direction with the revealing of their latest electric motorcycle Gloria, a fashionable, functional and fast electric motorcycle designed for a new breed of riders. expand full story

electric motorcycles Stories June 6

It’s been a big week for electric two-wheelers in India. First, Ather Energy launched their new 340 and 450 electric scooters yesterday, and now eMotion Motors has unveiled their new electric motorcycle today.  expand full story

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