CEO Stories May 27, 2016

Nest CEO Tony Fadell is behind the Actev Motors Arrow Smart-Kart

According to an alleged Nest engineer a couple months back, the company is on deathwatch. Of course the official word from Fadell himself is that all the bad PR doesn’t represent the company or its culture, but the evidence suggests still that financially and culturally there are lots of problems.

Now, we learn today (via Fortune) that Tony Fadell, Nest’s CEO, has had a little passion project going on in the background. Co-founded with its CEO Dave Bell, Actev Motors makes the Arrow Smart-Kart, a smart first of its kind electric go-kart with app controls and a $600 price tag…

CEO Stories December 17, 2015

Tesla awards its new Chief Financial Officer over $46 million worth of stock options

If you were wondering how Tesla managed to hire away Google’s longtime Vice President of Finance Jason Wheeler, now you know. In a SEC filing published yesterday, Tesla disclosed its new CFO’s stock option plan of ~200,000 shares – worth over $46 million.

CEO Stories December 15, 2015

solarcity_installersSeveral solar companies saw double digits stock price increases on Monday. The surge can be partly attributed to the Paris agreement to curb greenhouse gas emissions, but it was mainly due to reports of negotiation for the renewal of the federal tax credit for solar energy.

Democrats are said to be willing to agree to a lift on the 40-year ban on US crude oil exports, if the bill includes a long-term extension of the wind and solar tax credits. The deal isn’t done, but as the industry is getting closer to the phasing out of the tax credits, which are set to fall from 30% to 10% in 2017, the industry is warning politicians about the impact of inaction. expand full story

CEO Stories October 9, 2015

Musk vanity fairTesla CEO Elon Musk was at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit earlier this week for a talk with Sam Altman, the President of Y Combinator.  New York Times and CNBC contributor Andrew Ross Sorkin moderated the conversion on topics from sustainable energy to artificial intelligence. expand full story

CEO Stories September 16, 2015

Hyperloop Technologies hires Cisco veteran Rob Lloyd as CEO [Video]

In a blog post and appearance on CBS This Morning, Rob Lloyd was announced as the first official CEO of Hyperloop Technologies; the company trying to make a reality of the high-speed transportation system envisioned by Elon Musk.

Rob Lloyd is a 20 year veteran of networking equipment giant Cisco, where until recently he was President. Lloyd is replacing interim CEO and co-founder Brogan Bambrogan (yes it’s his real name), who will now focus on the technology that will power the Hyperloop.

Elon Musk, who published a white paper on the project in 2013, recently said to CNN that making the Hyperloop is “actually easier than people would think”. He then described the concept as “an air hockey table with a pod in it”. Musk is oversimplifying the concept, but he is not lying either. The goal is to create a low-pressure environment, in this case a tube, in which it will be easier to move things really fast. In other word, it’s recreating the operating environment of an airplane at high altitude, but on the ground.

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