autonomy Stories January 24

Sony executives have said that the company is searching for new technology partners to help it bring its electric vehicle projects to life as it forges its path from entertainment company to the automotive and e-mobility space.

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autonomy Stories January 21

A new startup called Autonomy launches in California as a Tesla subscription service with a fleet of 100 Model 3 vehicles, which it aims to grow to 10,000 Tesla vehicles by the end of the year.

The question is: Who is it for?

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autonomy Stories January 11

The Foxconn-backed MIH “open source” EV platform project took significant steps towards being able to offer a complete, modern vehicle solution by forming an alliance with the AI experts at Autoware Foundation. The move will help accelerate the development of an integrated ADAS solution for the platform.

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autonomy Stories January 7

Volvo Cars has announced plans to launch its new Ride Pilot unsupervised autonomous driving feature to customers in the state of California, and it will make its debut in an all-new, all-electric flagship SUV set to make its debut later this year.

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autonomy Stories January 4

John Deere revealed its first fully autonomous tractor today at CES 2022, building off of what it says are 20 years of AI development – and it’s not a concept. The self-driving John Deere is already up and running on select farms and available for sale.

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autonomy Stories January 12, 2016


In his very first public comments, John Krafcik, chief executive of Google’s self-driving car division (which is still within Google[X] at the time of this writing), reiterated Google’s focus on achieving full autonomy in contrast to the incremental approach being taken by just about every other company pursuing the technology…

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