Sony VISION-S concept Stories January 24

Sony executives have said that the company is searching for new technology partners to help it bring its electric vehicle projects to life as it forges its path from entertainment company to the automotive and e-mobility space.

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Sony VISION-S concept Stories January 4

Sony brought another surprise to CES this year, revealing an SUV version of their VISION-S concept EV, which they showed off at CES 2020, and announcing the formation of “Sony Mobility, Inc.,” a new company to focus on mobility and EV efforts.

Even better, Sony explicitly stated that they are “exploring a commercial launch” of their VISION-S concepts, making this project seem more real than ever.

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Sony VISION-S concept Stories February 12, 2021

Why would companies that manufacture phones, like Sony or Apple, want to get into the electric vehicle business? A better question to ask is, “why wouldn’t they?” While electric vehicles have only just begun to corner a small portion of the automobile market, the upside of prospective growth is tremendous. As vehicles become more reliant on batteries, wiring, and programming in lieu of combustion engines, companies like Sony and Apple feel they have enough knowledge and expertise to take a crack at an electric vehicle of their own.

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Sony VISION-S concept Stories January 12, 2021

Sony released multiple videos showing off their Sony VISION-S electric car concept, which they first unveiled in a surprise move one year ago at CES.

The videos provide new insights on the design and engineering of the car, with comments from partners Sony is working with, and reveal that Sony has started testing their vehicle on public roads near their engineering center in Graz, Austria.

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Sony VISION-S concept Stories January 8, 2020

It’s that time of year again, and after a few days pounding the pavement of CES, our team came up with four new products deserving of some praise. expand full story

Sony VISION-S concept Stories January 6, 2020

Sony surprised the CES audience today with a new concept electric car, the VISION-S prototype.

Sony shared a few details of the prototype, which is meant as a showcase for Sony’s technologies for the automotive industry.

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