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Tesla Model 3 Stories May 10

Tesla Model 3 vs. Model Y: The latest generation basics compared

As the two youngest electric vehicles to join Tesla’s fleet, the Model 3 and Model Y have quickly helped propel the automaker to a market cap over $600 billion. While both EVs share several of the same parts, they do remain unique from one another in many ways. While not exhaustive, this side by side […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories May 9

Tesla Model S vs. Model 3: Comparing sedans side by side

Tesla’s Model S and Model 3 provide drivers with either a taste of veteran performance or refreshing innovation and value. Both combine to form the US automaker’s line of electric sedans, although they share more of their mechanical makeup with their respective assembly-line SUV partners. Below is a comprehensive breakdown comparing old and new to […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories December 14, 2020

Tesla 2021: Everything we know about the latest Model 3, Model Y, and more

As 2020 comes to a much-celebrated wrap, the Tesla community is looking toward 2021 with high hopes. As the current golden child of electric vehicle manufacturing, Tesla looks to continue its reign and scale its ever-growing fleet. Below is a compilation of what Tesla’s 2021 models include and what customers can expect when their 2021 EV is delivered to their driveway.

Tesla Model 3 Stories June 19, 2016

Tesla Model 3 reservation holders are starting to receive their ‘token of appreciation’

In the days following the unveiling of the Tesla Model 3 and the subsequent flood of pre-orders for the vehicle, CEO Elon Musk said that the automaker will be sending out a “token of appreciation” to those who stood in line at the store to reserve the Model 3 before it was even unveiled. Token […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories October 9, 2016

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announces unexpected product unveiling Oct. 17th & Tesla SolarCity event Oct. 28

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter this afternoon to announce an unexpected product launch event on October 17th, just a week away. He further noted that the expected Tesla/SolarCity announcement, which he previously hoped to hold at the end of the month, would indeed be on October 28th…

Tesla Model 3 Stories November 26, 2016

This week’s top stories: Trump propagandist launches campaign against Tesla, Model 3 arriving ‘very end’ of 2018, Chevy Bolt EV leasing program, more

In this week’s top stories: A top Trump propagandist launches a campaign against Elon Musk and Tesla, a new report claims Model 3 might not arrive until the very end of 2018, GM launches the Chevy Bolt EV leasing program, and Tesla officially closes its acquisition of SolarCity.

Tesla Model 3 Stories March 8, 2016

Tesla Model 3 unveiling event reportedly will have only a small guest list selected by Elon Musk

We have been wondering why only a few people have received an invitation for the Model 3 unveiling, which is now only 3 weeks away. As of now, only the winners of the referral program have reported having received the invite for the event taking place in Los Angeles. The last event Tesla held in Los […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories April 6, 2016

Nissan CEO welcomes the storm of Tesla Model 3 reservations

Tesla has mostly welcomed electric vehicle competition since it contributes to its mission to accelerate the advent of electric transport, though it didn’t stop CEO Elon Musk to literally laugh at competition on occasions. Nissan is another automaker with a strong commitment to EVs and it has a similar approach to competition in the market. CEO Carlos […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories March 22, 2016

Tesla Model S US price increase reportedly coming in April after Model 3 unveiling

Following the persisting rumor that Tesla is planning a “facelift” or at least new options for the Model S starting this spring, we learn that the automaker could also increase the price of its flagship sedan in the US as soon as next month, right after the Model 3 unveiling set for March 31st. We are […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories April 1, 2016

Tesla CEO Elon Musk extrapolates 180K Model 3 reservations to a $7.5B day [Update: 200K]

Never one to shy away from controversial accounting, Tesla CEO Elon Musk today tweeted his take on the initial Model 3 sales numbers which are at 180K barely 24 hours into sales. By his math, which he estimates an average of $7000 in options on each Model 3 sold and more controversially, counting every Model 3 […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories April 2, 2016

Tesla Model 3 Stories April 3, 2016

Tesla has now over 325,000 Model 3 reservations – timeline of reservation updates

After a highly anticipated multi-step reservation process starting with Tesla and SpaceX employees, followed by in-store reservations, which created long queues at Tesla’s retail locations, and finally online reservations just an hour before the unveiling, Tesla finally launched the Model 3 – its first mass market electric vehicle. CEO Elon Musk has been updating the public […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories April 4, 2016

Tesla’s stock (TSLA) climbing this morning after a weekend of Model 3 news and reservations

Tesla’s stock (TSLA) was up over 4% in early trading this morning after CEO Elon Musk spent his weekend answering questions on Twitter about the newly revealed Model 3 and sending out updates about the number of reservations Tesla is accumulating. Since Tesla unveiled the vehicle last week, 8 financial analysts issued new notes updating their analysis […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories February 2, 2017

Tesla CEO Elon Musk explains reasoning for being on President Trump’s advisory council, as Uber’s Kalanick drops out

Earlier today, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick dropped off of US President Donald Trump’s advisory council. The reasons cited were because of immigration reform but Kalanick was also targeted for his previous support for Trump, Uber continuing to serve JFK airport during the recent taxi strike and the subsequent #DeleteUber campaign which caused 200,000 people to flee […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories January 31, 2017

Some Tesla Model 3 reservation holders claim to be canceling orders over Elon Musk’s link with Trump

US President Trump’s executive order to ban people from some specific primarily Muslim countries is having a significant backlash across the world. The ban itself is directly affecting a lot of people, but in some cases, people’s reactions to the executive order are indirectly impacting companies. For example, Uber has been hit by an unsubscription campaign because […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories June 2, 2016

Elon Musk did everything but confirm that Tesla Model 3 will be fully autonomous [Video]

Following the Tesla Model 3 unveil in March, CEO Elon Musk said that a “part 2” unveiling event will follow “closer to production”, which is set to start in late 2017. He added that he expects the features that will be revealed at the event will significantly increase the number of reservations Tesla receives for […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories June 29, 2016

Tesla is flying 12 lucky Model 3 reservation holders to the Gigafactory Grand Opening all-expenses paid

The Tesla Gigafactory 1 is the Chocolate Factory and Elon Musk is Willy Wonka! Tesla quietly created a ‘Golden Ticket’ drawing for all the Model 3 reservation holders who placed a pre-order during the first day and randomly selected 12 winners to receive an all-expenses paid trip to the Gigafactory Grand Opening.

Tesla Model 3 Stories July 26, 2016

Tesla Model 3: Elon Musk sees the vehicle generating ~$20 billion in revenue with 25% gross margin (TSLA)

At a special media event for the opening of the Tesla Gigafactory today, CEO Elon Musk made a few comments about the upcoming Model 3. He confirmed the pencil down on the design as reported two weeks ago, and he also elaborated on its financial sustainability as a vehicle program. With already over 373,000 reservations (Tesla […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories July 28, 2016

Tesla Gigafactory tour roundup and tidbits: ‘This is the coolest factory in the world’

Yesterday was quite a day in Reno. While we weren’t able to fire off our livestream as we’d hoped, we were able to gather a ton of information on the “Coolest Factory in the world” I’ll break down the new info, videos and imagery below:

Tesla Model 3 Stories July 19, 2016

Elon is working on Tesla Model 3 and Autopilot today, ‘Master Plan’ pushed again

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been working on the second part of his ‘Master Plan’ for the past two weeks and he is now a little late. While flying back to California after spending the past few days in Florida for a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch, the CEO said that he will be focusing on […]

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