We have seen bits and pieces of Tesla’s Model 3 Owners Manual before, but it has now leaked in full just as Tesla finally opened up Model 3 orders to regular reservation holders. expand full story

November 21

Electrek received several reports from regular Model 3 reservation holders (non-Tesla employee, family members or company insiders) who have started to receive invitations to configure and order their new electric cars. expand full story

November 15

A stash of Model 3s with VINs as high as #1096 has been spotted in a parking garage in Playa Vista, California, just minutes away from the Tesla Design Center in Hawthorne, where the Tesla Semi reveal event will take place tomorrow night – but more importantly very close to Tesla’s new Marina Del Rey property, which looks like it will be a massive store + delivery hub.

There are at least 19 Model 3s in the photos we’ve seen, along with several Model S and X (~50), and 3 Tesla Service vans (though these aren’t electric – they’re Ford Transit Connects).

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November 14

With only a few hundred Tesla Model 3 out there, some of those early owners are already turning to aftermarket modifications.

I think this rather simple one is my favorite yet. expand full story

November 13

With all the eyes on Tesla’s Model 3 production ramp-up and the delays in customer deliveries, reservation holders are starving for any sign of an increase in production.

Now, the production line was even spied from outside Tesla’s Fremont factory. expand full story

November 10

Only a small fraction of the almost 500,000 people who placed reservations for Tesla’s Model 3 had the chance to drive or even just ride in the new electric car.

But now it looks like another group of people will have the opportunity to drive it: investors. expand full story

November 9

As Tesla CEO Elon Musk made clear during the company’s conference call with financial analysts last week, Model 3 production is still very much in “production hell” – so much so that Musk refused to confirm how many Model 3 vehicles they produced in October.

He said that “people would just read too much into it.”

Now we have looked into it and at the end of last month, Tesla had built just over 440 Model 3 vehicles since the start of production in July, according to sources familiar with the matter. expand full story

November 7

Tesla has lost a second battery expert during an important time for the company’s battery production effort.

Jon Wagner, Tesla’s Director of Battery Technology, has left the automaker to found a new startup. expand full story

November 6

Tesla is still only slowly delivering the Model 3 to employees, family members of employees, and company insiders, after having pushed regular customer deliveries following production difficulties.

The company still has somewhat of a tight grip on those early vehicles and it asks owners not to share details or review the vehicle, but it looks like that grip is starting to loosen as more Model 3 vehicles hit the road. expand full story

November 3

All the information Tesla dropped on investors and analysts this week with their third quarter financial results is being processed by the market right now, and the market unsurprisingly doesn’t like it.

Tesla’s stock (TSLA) took a 7% hit down to $300 per share yesterday, but beyond Tesla’s quarterly results, it looks like the announcement that the GOP plans the remove the $7,500 federal tax credit for electric cars also hurt the stock a lot.

Here’s what you need to know: expand full story

November 2

After announcing what is seemingly a 3-month delay in the production ramp of the Model 3 yesterday, Tesla says that it is now updating the delivery timeline of Model 3 reservations over the next 24 hours. expand full story

November 1

In Tesla’s just-released Q3 2017 earnings report, the company announced that in the same quarter that the much-antipated Model 3 was (soft-)launched, they’ve still managed to produce and deliver record numbers of the Model S and X.  This is despite Tesla’s recent focus on “anti-selling” the Model 3, for fear that the upcoming product will negatively affect current S/X sales.

Not only did deliveries grow, so did orders.  Net orders hit a record in Q3 in each of Tesla’s regions – North America, Europe and Asia, due to the addition of new stores and increased awareness of the company through Model 3 press.  Despite CEO Elon Musk’s original worries that customers would see the Model 3 as the “next version” of the Tesla and would prefer it over the S and X, it seems that the opposite effect is happening – even more people are being brought to the S/X by the buzz around the 3.  And despite that aforementioned anti-selling of the 3 and order growth for the S/X, Tesla also saw growth in the number of net Model 3 reservations – which stood at over half a million last we checked in July.

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As expected with the release of its third quarter financial results, Tesla gave an update on the production status of the Model 3.

The company claims that production is “steadily increasing”, but the “bottlenecks” have caused them to delay the expected 5,000 units per week production rate to “late Q1 2018” – which means a roughly 3-month delay. expand full story

There are cars that popularized some aesthetic body mods, like a Honda Civic with a black bonnet.

Tesla’s Model 3 with its peculiarities and its apparent imminent popularity, at least based on the close to 500,000 reservations it accumulated, could possibly emerge as one of those cars. expand full story

October 31

Tesla hasn’t managed to significantly ramp up Model 3 production yet which results in still only a few vehicles outside of California.

But one apparently made it all the way to Detroit – making it likely the first Model 3 in the home of the American automotive industry. expand full story

Last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted that Gigafactory 1 in Nevada could be one of the “production bottlenecks” slowing the Model 3 production ramp.

Now it looks like it’s confirmed as Panasonic, Tesla’s battery cell manufacturing partner at the factory, comments on the situation. expand full story

October 29

In this week’s top stories: Tesla may be underselling some Model 3 specs based on newly released EPA documents, Tesla delivers the first Model 3 in New York, Elon Musk talks “production hell,” and much more. Read on for this week’s top stories… expand full story

October 27

For the more hardcore Tesla Model 3 fans and reservation holders, a new in-depth video review of the new all-electric vehicle was released today by the Tesla Model 3 Owners Club Youtube channel. expand full story

As we recently reported, everyone is trying to estimate Tesla’s Mode 3 production ramp right now in order to anticipate delays.

Now a supplier is adding a bit of information that seems to suggest that Tesla slashed its December production goal by 40%. expand full story

October 26

All eyes are on Tesla’s Model 3 production ramp up as the company is trying to increase volume from a few hundred vehicles to the biggest electric car program in the industry.

Tesla recently confirmed that they have “production bottlenecks” preventing higher volumes but without specifying what are the issues.

Now CEO Elon Musk hints at problems at Gigafactory 1 as a potential explanation for the bottlenecks. expand full story

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