As we reported earlier today, Tesla Model 3 release candidate sightings have been multiplying this week.

A new one is particularly interesting because it features a new color that looks very similar to the classic ‘Signature Red’ that Tesla used to offer. expand full story

The Tesla Model 3 release candidates seem to be multiplying lately now that production is no more than a few months away.

The latest sighting shows not one but two Model 3 release candidates at the same time and one of them seem to be a new black prototype. expand full story

As Tesla gets closer to the start of Model 3 production, it seems like its release candidate testing program is accelerating.

The automaker received new prototypes at its headquarters and now we get one of our best looks at one so far with a video of the vehicle being tested in San Mateo. expand full story


May 24

Yet another new Tesla Model 3 release candidate has been spotted yesterday.

Interestingly, the vehicle, which has a glass roof like all other Model 3 release candidate spotted so far, was spotted with a roof rack and a large box on top. expand full story

Most industry watchers agree that Tesla’s short term success is linked to a successful launch and ramp up of Model 3 production.

In a new note today, Baird analyst Ben Kallo highlights what a successful launch could do for Tesla’s valuation, which he sees surging to over $80 billion at ~$500 per share. expand full story

May 22

As part of Tesla’s continuous effort to anti-sell the Model 3 and emphasize that the Model S is a more high-end option, the company released a comprehensive comparison chart.

Through the chart, the automaker confirmed that Model 3 will have fewer than 100 configurations to Model S’ more than 1,500 possible configurations. expand full story


There’s been some speculation around the Tesla Model 3’s charging technology – especially since it will be first of Tesla’s vehicles to be equipped with the company’s new 2170 battery cells.

After the first picture of the charge port in-use emerged today, it looks like the vehicle features the same charge connector as the Model S and Model X, but a significantly bigger port.  expand full story

May 20

In this week’s top stories: Model 3 prototype sightings, Tesla’s new body shop repair standards, EV news from Toyota, Volvo, Ford, Nissan and more.

expand full story

May 19

UBS’ global research group tore down a Chevy Bolt EV to publish an in-depth cost analysis of the all-electric vehicle this week.

It’s probably the best look at the cost of what GM presents as “the first affordable long-range all-electric vehicle” so far, but UBS also uses their analysis to estimate the cost of the Tesla Model 3, which is a difficult, if not impossible, thing to do. expand full story


May 18

Have you seen enough Tesla Model 3 release candidate pictures yet? We have been posting plenty lately, but we still can’t get enough. After all, it’s likely the most anticipated vehicle of the decade and reservation holders want to see it from as many angles as possible.

Our latest look today gives us some good angles of the interior and shows wood trims. expand full story

May 17

After the silver Tesla Model 3 release candidate was spotted for the first time earlier this week, we now get some great new high-resolution shots of the vehicle.

It gives us our best look at the new prototype so far. expand full story

May 16

We have seen more and more pictures of Tesla Model 3 release candidates lately, but as production is getting closer, we are hoping to soon see some production units.

While Tesla is not quite there yet, they released a glimpse of the Model 3 body-in-white today. expand full story

After an almost two-week long dry spell on Tesla Model 3 sightings, they are coming back strong with new red and silver release candidates just in the past few days.

Today, we get a good high-resolution look at a blue Model 3 release candidate and in bonus, we see it next to a Model S for perspective. expand full story


May 15

We can now confirm that there are 5 different Tesla Model 3 release candidates that have been spotted since the launch of the test program in March. There are likely more than 5 vehicles being tested, but 5 different production prototypes have been spotted.

The fifth one, a silver release candidate, was spotted at Tesla’s headquarters today in Palo Alto. expand full story

After a run to almost its all-time high last week, Tesla’s stock had a 3% setback in pre-market trading this morning after Adam Jonas from Morgan Stanley, one of the most followed auto industry analysts when it comes to Tesla, downgraded the stock following its first quarter results.

Jonas downgraded the stock to “Equalweight” since its run to $325 made it past his $305 price target. The analyst also warns investors that Model 3 deliveries could be much lower than anticipated in 2017 and 2018. expand full story

May 13

In this week’s top stories: Tesla’s Solar Roof launch, Model 3 margins, EV news from VW, Jaguar, and e.Go Mobile, and much more.   expand full story


May 12

We still don’t know exactly what colors Tesla will offer on the Model 3, but the ones we’ve seen on the release candidates so far are the best indicators.

After black, blue and white, a new red release candidate has been spotted – bringing the palette of colors to four. expand full story

It has been a few weeks since a Tesla Model 3 release candidate has been spotted testing in the wild and just as we couldn’t go any longer without a fix, a reader sent great footage of the white Model 3 prototype being tested around Palo Alto. expand full story

May 9

Even though VW has been making some large-scale commitments to electric vehicles, more recently through a giant $10 billion investment over the next 5 years, it can be hard to take them seriously when the only EVs that they built from the ground up are some “weirdmobile” concepts – like the one pictured above.

Nonetheless, the German automaker is hyper confident that it can go from laggard to leader in electric vehicles. CEO Herbert Diess went as far as saying that “anything Tesla can do, we can surpass.” expand full story


May 8

If Tesla can achieve a similar positive gross margin on the Model 3 as it has with the Model S and Model X, it will be one of the most decisive catalysts in the automotive industry. Why? It will show that an automaker can truly produce a mass market long-range electric vehicle for a profit.

Whether or not they will manage to is still up for debate, but an analyst today came out with a note predicting that they will be able to achieve a ~25% gross margin – comparable with the Model S’ margin. expand full story

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