winter driving Stories October 15

If you don’t live in the southern hemisphere or close to the Equator, then cold temperatures are headed your way, if they haven’t already arrived. As winter approaches, here are six tips for how to get the best range from your electric car’s battery.

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winter driving Stories December 8, 2020

Fat tire electric bikes open the door to all sorts of adventurous off-road riding. And one of the most fun ways to put them to the test this winter is by plowing over and through a white, snowy landscape.

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winter driving Stories February 15, 2016

Tesla Model S snow

During the conference call discussing Tesla’s fourth quarter financial results last week, CEO Elon Musk called the Northeast region of the US an “under-penetrated” market for the company. It could be attributed to a less important retail presence in the region, but also to a negative perception of electric vehicle performance in winter conditions.

Tesla has been trying to change these perceptions by highlighting the Model S’ impressive winter driving performance with a series of videos and customer testimonies over the past few weeks and months. expand full story

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