Tilburg Stories January 26, 2016

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A picture leaked from inside Tesla in the Netherlands, either from the Amsterdam service center or the Tilburg assembly plant, shows what could be a new vehicle and large shipment of Powerwall battery packs. expand full story

Tilburg Stories December 18, 2015

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Tesla published a new video on its Youtube channel of a Model S traveling down the assembly line at its plant in Tilburg, Netherlands. The automaker opened the new 78,000 square-meter (840,000 sq-ft) plant in the city earlier this year. expand full story

Tilburg Stories September 25, 2015

IW20G9BTesla CEO Elon Musk was in the Netherlands today for the opening ceremony of Tesla’s second plant in Tilburg. The company already had a ‘final assembly factory’ in the city (see picture below), where the company completes the assembly of the Model S’s going to the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. expand full story

Tilburg Stories September 23, 2015

Tesla Model S sales are up 73% year over year in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is an important market for Tesla Motors. The country is Tesla’s second biggest market in Europe behind Norway. The company has an important presence in the country especially through its plant in Tilburg (see picture above) where some light assembly operations are completed for the Model S’s going to Europe.

Model S sales in the Netherlands have been progressing nicely. In 2014 it was the best-selling 100% electric vehicle in the country and it remains at the top spot so far this year with an impressive ~73% growth.

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