tesla destination charging Stories August 11, 2020

Tesla is making a push to have Destination Charging station owners upgrade to its Gen 3 Wall Connector as it releases more features and now enables paid charging.

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tesla destination charging Stories October 16, 2018

Tesla has deployed its largest Destination Charging station in Asia – a giant station with 50 charge points.

Interestingly, the station has been installed in Hong Kong, which was once a large market for Tesla, but it has since slowed down to just a few sales per quarter. expand full story

tesla destination charging Stories December 20, 2017

We are starting to see Tesla deploy more charging infrastructure directly with municipalities and not just businesses. The move was announced earlier this year, but it went under the radar until now.

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tesla destination charging Stories December 12, 2017

Tesla’s Destination charging network is not getting as much attention as the automaker’s Supercharger network, but it is also growing fast.

Now, we’ve learned of a new deployment of ‘100 Destination chargers’ in a single deal to be approved today by the city of Norfolk in Virginia. expand full story

tesla destination charging Stories November 21, 2017

With the Supercharger network taking the forefront and now even the new Megacharger being announced, it’s easy to forget that Tesla has a third electric vehicle charging network: the Destination Charging network.

One of Tesla’s earliest partners for Destination Charging gives us an update on their expansion of the program. expand full story

tesla destination charging Stories June 26, 2017

While Tesla is definitely a for-profit company with responsibilities to its shareholders, its mission to accelerate the advent of sustainable energy is an altruistic one in many ways. If you think that’s just a front, this might convince you otherwise.

We recently learned some new information about Tesla’s Destination Charging program for businesses and it is even more generous than we originally thought. expand full story

tesla destination charging Stories April 15, 2017

Tesla’s Supercharger network is by far the most exciting of the company’s two charging networks since it’s faster and enables long-distance travel, but the Destination Charging network also plays an important role in Tesla’s EV infrastructure.

It’s clear that the company is betting on it since the network grew 25% globally over the past 3 months alone –  to now over 5,000 locations. expand full story

tesla destination charging Stories March 29, 2016


Tesla first announced the upcoming introduction of its Destination Charging network in Europe almost 6 months ago. At the time, Tesla said that the network was “coming soon“, but the automaker’s charger map is still showing no destination charger in Europe.

Now we received reports of hotels in Europe, especially Denmark, Sweden and Norway, where Tesla Wall Connectors have been installed or delivered. We hear that the program could launch as soon as next month with new locations.  expand full story

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