Mercedes B-Class Stories June 12, 2020

My friend Jim loves his 2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric. It only has 87 miles of range, but Jim estimates that about 70% of his family’s annual vehicle miles are on the B-Class Electric. That’s why it was so disappointing when last year the motor started whining so severely that the car was nearly undrivable. To add insult to injury, the local Mercedes-Benz dealership quoted $18,000 to get it fixed by replacing the entire powertrain.

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Mercedes B-Class Stories August 23, 2016

denza 400

Today, Daimler introduced a new all-electric vehicle under its Denza brand in partnership with BYD in China. The vehicle, called Denza 400, is based on the Mercedes-Benz B-Class platform, which is already offered in an all-electric version in Europe, but the Denza 400 features a new 62 kWh battery pack.

The new higher energy capacity pack could hint at what Daimler plans to introduce in its upcoming lineup of electric vehicles under Mercedes’ new EV brand. expand full story

Mercedes B-Class Stories February 18, 2016

kia soul battery pack

SK Innovation, a battery cell maker part of the South Korea-based chemical and energy conglomerate SK, confirmed (via GreenCarCongress) that it has been selected as the supplier of battery cells for Mercedes’ upcoming line of electric vehicles.

Last month, Daimler green-lighted 4 new long-range electric vehicles, which will reportedly be two sedans and two crossover SUVs. The automaker will need an important volume of battery cells if it plans to manufacture these upcoming vehicles in significant volume. expand full story

Mercedes B-Class Stories October 30, 2015

B-Klasse Electric Drive und B-Klasse Natural Gas Drive (W242)B-NHTSA submitted a recall report earlier this week for Daimler to recall all Mercedes electric B-Class over a problem with Tesla’s drivetrain. The report, which we embed below, perfectly highlights the need for over-the-air updates across the whole automotive industry. According to the filing, the recall is due to a problem with the gateway software of the electric powertrain, which is supplied by Tesla Motors, and affects all 2,618 Mercedes electric B-Class produced between November 2013 and May 2015. expand full story

Mercedes B-Class Stories August 19, 2015

mercedesbenz-bclass-electric-drive-5According to a new report from a German publication, Auto Motor und Sport, Mercedes will not use Tesla’s drivetrain for the next generation of electric B-Class. Mercedes will bring more development in-house to try to achieve a range of 500 km (311 miles). It’s not clear when the next generation is due.

Tesla Motors has a long-standing partnership with the German automaker. In 2009, Daimler, the company behind the Mercedes brand, acquired a ~10% stake in Tesla. Tesla started supplying electric drivetrains to Daimler for the Smart EV and then later on developed a new electric motor and battery pack for Mercedes’ B-Class which started deliveries late last year.  expand full story

Mercedes B-Class Stories April 28, 2014


Mercedes B series have Tesla drivetrains thanks to that early Daimler investment but clearly the instruments and body are locally grown.  You can get your hands on one in July. expand full story

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