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Internal combustion engine

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EU officially inks complete ban on new combustion vehicles from 2035 onward

EU combustion ban

Following over five years of debate and a steadfast proposal introduced last year, the EU has agreed upon its first terms under a “Fit for 55” package to significantly reduce carbon emissions in Europe and achieve climate neutrality by 2050. The EU agreement increases required cuts to carbon emissions by 2030 and issues a complete ban on new combustion cars and vans from 2035 onward.

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Government data show gasoline vehicles are up to 100x more prone to fires than EVs

EV fires

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Unless it pertains to EV fires, as that’s more smoke and mirrors. There is an ongoing flow of misinformation publicized by the less informed (or downright malicious) purporting that electric vehicles and their battery chemistry are more prone to fires than their gasoline counterparts. Aside from the obvious argument that gasoline vehicles operate via combustion, a new study shows how much more prevalent gas vehicle fires are compared to EVs.

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Renault will seek to extend the 2035 EU ICE ban to 2040

EU ICE ban

During IAA Mobility in Munich this week, an executive for Renault Group stated plans to seek an extension of the recently proposed 2035 ban of all internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle sales in the EU. According to the report, Renault wants an extension to around 2040 in order to provide more affordable cars to consumers before more expensive EVs become mandatory.

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EV vs. ICE: How far can you travel in each state for $100?


A battle is emerging in the world of transportation – the electric vehicle (EV) vs. the internal combustion engine (ICE). Soon you’ll have to choose sides, so it’s vital that you’re fully informed.

We’re here to help with that decision by offering context to consumers, whether you’ve never been near an EV or if you’re an expert. Below is breakdown of how far you can travel in each state on $100 in an EV vs. an ICE vehicle.

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Jaguar showcases 3 new platforms for electric vehicles and hybrids

Jaguar Land Rover is showcasing 3 new vehicle platforms for the Concept_e research at the CENEX Low Carbon Vehicle event which runs this week in the UK. The Concept_e platforms are coming out of a $25 million advanced powertrain research program partly backed by the UK government.

The concept platforms are intended for future generations vehicles and the company currently doesn’t have any plan to implement them in its lineup. Expand