electric unicycle Stories August 14

The InMotion V13 Challenger electric unicycle has just been unveiled, touting its maximum speed as the “fastest in the world” among other leading high-power electric unicycles.

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electric unicycle Stories September 3, 2020

The InMotion V11 takes the general concept of an electric unicycle and then ratchets the insanity up to “11” with a gigantic motor and true air suspension.

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electric unicycle Stories April 14, 2020

Electric unicycles might be a niche corner of the already niche market of personal electric vehicles. But that hasn’t stopped manufacturers from developing some rather impressive designs. The latest comes to us in the form of an incredibly powerful 3,000 W peak electric unicycle known as the InMotion V11.

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electric unicycle Stories March 13, 2019

Future Motion, the company behind the popular Onewheel electric mobility device, has just unveiled the latest model in the lineup. The Onewheel Pint is a smaller, lighter and more affordable version of the company’s popular Onewheel+ XR.

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electric unicycle Stories November 15, 2018

You’ve probably heard a lot about electric bicycles and electric scooters by now. These small personal electric vehicles (PEVs) are often touted as last mile vehicles that can help commuters travel short distances between home or work to other mass transit hubs, or as complete commuting alternatives in cities.

But one PEV you might not have heard about yet are electric unicycles. These odd-looking little EVs consist of just a single wheel that a rider straddles. They self balance like a Segway or hoverboard, but are much more narrow and nimble. Though they look like a toy, electric unicycles might be a more serious transportation alternative than many people think. Read on to learn why.

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electric unicycle Stories December 30, 2015

Ford patent electric unicycle

Do you remember when Batman turned a part of the Batmobile into a motorcycle with the touch of a button in The Dark Knight? Well this is like a lame version of that. We learn that Ford patented a concept for an electric car powered by in-wheel electric motors that can turn into a unicycle. expand full story

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