nikola one Stories December 2, 2016


After months of teasing its electric truck, Nikola Motor finally unveiled the first Nikola One prototype before a crowd at its Salt Lake City headquarters last night. There wasn’t any surprise for the truck itself and most of the startup’s plans, but they did reveal a few new partners and explained in more details what they plan to do and when they plan to do it.

The Nikola One is an electric Class 8 truck powered by a 320 kWh battery pack and a stack of hydrogen fuel cells, which the company claims enables a range of 1,200 zero-emission miles. The vehicle was first supposed to be equipped with a natural gas range extender, but the company announced a few months ago that it will be using hydrogen fuel cells and possibly also natural gas in different markets. expand full story

nikola one Stories August 30, 2016


You might remember Nikola Motor for unveiling renderings and estimated specs of the Nikola One, their first electric truck, earlier this year. Or maybe for when they claimed that they received over 7,000 pre-orders worth over $2.3 billion for the vehicle.

In our last report, we highlighted their weird claim that the vehicle will achieve “zero emissions” despite being powered by both a 320 kWh battery pack and a natural gas range extender, which undoubtedly produces emissions. Today, Nikola Motor explained how they can claim that: they dropped their entire powertrain technology for a new hydrogen fuel cell concept. expand full story

nikola one Stories August 2, 2016


In a weird and clearly reactionary move after Elon Musk announced that Tesla will venture in the semi-truck business, electric truck startup Nikola Motor, which like Tesla borrowed its company name from Nikola Tesla, announced that it will unveil a working prototype of its first truck, the Nikola One, on December 2nd in Salt Lake City. expand full story

nikola one Stories June 13, 2016


Last month, we reported on a new Salt Lake City-based startup, Nikola Motor, unveiling the design of its first product; an electric truck with a natural gas range extender called ‘Nikola One’. The company attracted a lot of attention for having a name reminiscent of Tesla Motors – both inspired by the physicist Nikola Tesla – but it also unveiled serious ambitions to revolutionize the trucking industry.

The ‘Nikola One’ will be equipped with a massive 320 kWh battery pack and the company hopes that it will be able to travel up to 1,200 miles with the natural gas range extender. Now the company announced that it received over 7,000 pre-orders with deposits for its electric truck since the unveiling of the concept last month. CEO Trevor Milton says that the pre-orders are worth over $2.3 billion. expand full story

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