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Aptera Motors

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You are probably familiar with at least one iteration of Aptera Motors Corp. at this point. The mobility startup is based in San Diego, California, and specializes in solar electric vehicles (SEVs). After an attempt to bring its Aptera 2 Series to the masses in the mid-2000s, the company inevitably folded.

However, after a successful crowd-funding campaign a decade later, Aptera Motors’ original co-founders Steve Fambro and Chris Anthony are taking another crack at it, with hopes of delivering one of the world’s most efficient EVs. In fact, Aptera has raised $28 million to date from the crowd and private investors during its Regulation A+ round.

The revamped Aptera SEV has been a vehicle we have reported on consistently over the years as its creators work to bring it to scalable life. Most recently, Aptera shared Luna, the silver exterior coat of its Aptera vehicle. It now joins the Noir (black) and Sol (white) Apteras as the third and final alpha version of the SEV.

Aptera has now entered beta phase of development, before planning to enter production in Southern California in 2022.

The Aptera’s are currently available to reserve through its website for $100 down. You use this link for $30 off your reservation as well.

Aptera secures first fleet order for 101 solar EVs with intentions for 100,000 more in the future

Aptera fleet

Solar electric vehicle start-up Aptera Motors has announced its first fleet order from SustainabilitySooner, Inc. The initial pre-order is for 101 of Aptera’s 400-mile range solar EVs and is expected to deliver millions in future revenue. However, what may be more exciting is the prospect of future fleet orders as SustainabilitySooner looks to eventually operate a fleet of over 100,000 SEVs.

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Aptera extends Accelerator program, 1,400 slots for Launch Edition builds remain open

One day after announcing the official award of a $21 million grant in California, Aptera Motors looks to garner additional funds from its Accelerator investment program in exchange for access to the first 2,000 commemorative builds of its Launch Edition solar EVs. There is still plenty of room to invest and snag one of the first 2,000 Apteras built.

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Aptera awarded $21M grant from California Energy Commission to help bring solar EVs to production

Aptera Production

Solar electric vehicle startup Aptera Motors shared encouraging news today as it has been awarded a grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to the tune of $21 million. The grant comes as welcomed news for Aptera as it looks to reach scaled production of its namesake solar EV as one of the few startups left trying to successfully scale the sustainable technology for the masses.

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Aptera’s clever new community funding program prioritizes your SEV delivery the more you invest

Aptera funding

One week after sharing details of its Launch Edition Solar EV, Aptera Motors has announced a community funding program called Accelerate Aptera, hoping to raise between $20 and $50 million. By investing a predetermined minimum, reservation holders have a better chance at receiving delivery of one of the 2,000 Launch Edition Apteras planned. Better still, the person who invests the most on the leaderboard (yes, there’s a leaderboard) locks in delivery slot #1.

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The future of solar EVs dims: Lightyear is bankrupt, Sion fights for its life, Aptera on the brink

Solar EV

It’s been a real tough month for the few but extremely innovative solar EV companies out here. Having just announced a shifting of its business strategy and a request to suspend all payments to its operating company, Lightyear has officially declared bankruptcy. Sono Motors’ flagship solar EV, the Sion, is staring down a similar barrel, as the startup fights to raise more funds to keep it alive. Meanwhile, Aptera has a production-intent design, but still needs millions of dollars to get it to production.

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Aptera takes customer feedback to heart, quickly makes DC fast charging standard on all solar EVs

Aptera DC charging

Just a few days after sharing specifications of its Launch Edition solar EV, Aptera Motors has backtracked on a previous comment stating that its upcoming vehicles will not come with DC fast charging capabilities. Aptera has now let its community of loyal fans know it hears them, vowing to equip all its solar EVs, including the aforementioned Launch Edition, with the capability to charge on Tesla’s supercharger network.

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Aptera debuts Launch Edition solar EV, but start of production will take some time… and money

Aptera EV

Aptera Motors has inched closer than ever to customer deliveries of its flagship solar EV donning the company name. During a webinar presentation earlier today, the California-based startup unveiled new details its Launch Edition solar EV – a unified configuration that includes all-wheel drive and 400 miles of range, but Aptera still has a few financial and infrastructural hurdles to overcome before it can start delivering these solar EVs to the masses. More below.

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Aptera names solar cell supplier as it begins panel production for solar EVs that ‘never need to charge’

Aptera solar

Solar EV startup Aptera Motors has just announced another major milestone in bringing its long-promised flagship model into production. Solar cell production is now underway with the help of Maxeon Solar Technologies – the newly announced cell supplier to Aptera as part of a “cross-company collaboration.”

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Aptera publicly debuts the gamma version of its 1,000-mile-range solar electric vehicle

Following the teasing of interior images of the gamma version of its upcoming solar electric vehicle (SEV) last month, Aptera officially debuted the full prototype in front of a crowd in San Diego at Fully Charged Live. The gamma version now marks Aptera’s biggest milestone as it approaches SEV production in 2023.

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Taiwanese energy company to supply batteries to Aptera and is rumored to produce the SEVs in Taiwan

Aptera Taiwan

Nancy Pelosi isn’t the only American shaking things up in Taiwan this week. Aptera Cofounder and Co-CEO Chris Anthony is there with Taiwanese energy company Formosa AdvEnergy Technology Corp, on the heels of a new agreement to supply batteries to Aptera’s upcoming solar EVs. Additionally, a report out of local news in Taiwan says AdvEnergy also plans to produce the Aptera SEVs in Taiwan, but we’re skeptical.

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Aptera announces two new supply agreements to bring its flagship SEV to serial production

Aptera production

Following news of a strategic deal for electric motors announced last week, Aptera Motors has announced an additional agreement to receive lithium-ion battery cells from EVE Energy Co., Ltd. With two new supply agreements in place, Aptera moves one step closer to serial production of its flagship solar electric vehicle.

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Many Aptera 2022 reservation holders report delivery dates pushed to 2023-24, company claims to remain on schedule

Aptera Deliveries

Solar Electric Vehicle (SEV) startup Aptera Motors appears to have delayed some deliveries of its flagship vehicle, according to reports from multiple reservation holders. The Aptera SEV recently entered beta phase of development and was previously on track to begin first deliveries late this year. According to Aptera, it remains on track to hit this 2022 delivery target, although it’s unclear how many reservation holders will see Aptera deliveries before year’s end.

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Aptera tests a beta version of its SEV at the track ahead of production later this year

Aptera Beta version

Solar Electric Vehicle (SEV) startup Aptera Motors, recently shared test footage of the beta version of its upcoming SEV. The SEV prototype was seen on a test track alongside the three alpha versions already unveiled by Aptera. The beta version represents Aptera’s last phase before pre-production and deliveries later this year.

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An up close look at the Aptera SEVs and interview with co-founder Chris Anthony

Aptera SEV

Solar EV startup Aptera recently invited Electrek to visit its current headquarters in San Diego, CA, and see the alpha versions of its Aptera SEVs close up. In a sit-down interview with Aptera co-founder Chris Anthony, I was able to gain insight into Aptera’s future plans as it navigates its beta phase of SEV development and looks to begin production in 2022.

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