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December 2020 - October 2021

You are probably familiar with at least one iteration of Aptera Motors Corp. at this point. The mobility startup is based in San Diego, California, and specializes in solar electric vehicles (SEVs). After an attempt to bring its Aptera 2 Series to the masses in the mid-2000s, the company inevitably folded.

However, after a successful crowd-funding campaign a decade later, Aptera Motors’ original co-founders Steve Fambro and Chris Anthony are taking another crack at it, with hopes of delivering one of the world’s most efficient EVs. In fact, Aptera has raised $28 million to date from the crowd and private investors during its Regulation A+ round.

The revamped Aptera SEV has been a vehicle we have reported on consistently over the years as its creators work to bring it to scalable life. Most recently, Aptera shared Luna, the silver exterior coat of its Aptera vehicle. It now joins the Noir (black) and Sol (white) Apteras as the third and final alpha version of the SEV.

Aptera has now entered beta phase of development, before planning to enter production in Southern California in 2022.

The Aptera’s are currently available to reserve through its website for $100 down. You use this link for $30 off your reservation as well.

Aptera Stories October 28, 2021

Solar EV startup Aptera recently invited Electrek to visit its current headquarters in San Diego, CA, and see the alpha versions of its Aptera SEVs close up. In a sit-down interview with Aptera co-founder Chris Anthony, I was able to gain insight into Aptera’s future plans as it navigates its beta phase of SEV development and looks to begin production in 2022.

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Aptera Stories October 20, 2021

Aptera has once again shared a well-produced video of its third and final version of its solar electric vehicle (SEV). The Luna version of the Aptera SEV now joins the previously announced Noir (black) and Sol (white) design options and features a silver exterior and interior with earth tone accents. With the debut of Luna, Aptera has now moved into Beta phase of development ahead of deliveries in 2022.

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Aptera Stories June 9, 2021

Electric vehicle startup Aptera has just released a new video with perhaps the best look yet at the company’s futuristic electric three-wheeler.

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Aptera Stories February 19, 2021

Aptera, a startup aiming to bring to market a solar- and battery-powered electric car with “up to 1,000 miles” of range, received $4 million in backing and more than 7,000 preorders.

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Aptera Stories December 7, 2020

Aptera, a US-based electric vehicle startup, has unveiled its first vehicle: a super-efficient and lightweight electric car with up to 1,000 miles of range .

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