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March 27, 2017

New York’s new $2,000 EV incentive is aimed at Tesla Model 3, Chevy Bolt EV, and other long range affordable EVs

The state of New York has finally released all the details of its new electric vehicle incentive plan, which has been formally announced earlier this month and will start officially on April 1st. They decided to go with tranches that take into account both range and price. Only a few vehicles, like the Tesla Model […]

April 18, 2014

Chevy Volt vs. Caddy ELR [video]


October 11, 2013

2014 Cadillac ELR is a $75K Volt in a nice suit

[youtube=] Just when you think the big automakers might be catching on to the electric car scene, GM goes and does something absurd like the 2014 Cadillac ELR. Remember the Cadillac Cimarron, the dressed up Chevy Cavalier? This is worse. Introduced with pricing today and shipments in January, the $75,000 ($68K after Fed Tax Cred) car will […]

November 19, 2020

GM announces plans for 30 new EV models by 2025 — some to be unveiled today?

GM has committed to an additional $7 billion in funding for electric car and autonomous vehicle programs and will launch 30 new EV models globally through 2025, CEO Mary Barra announced today. Two-thirds of these new EV models will be available in North America, and 40%(!) of GM’s US model line will be battery electric […]

October 14, 2017

As GM creates Global Electric Vehicle Program role, we have some suggestions

On Thursday, GM announced a pretty big move in promoting Pamela Fletcher, who led the team that successfully launched the Bolt EV, to the newly created position of ‘Vice President, Global Electric Vehicle Programs’. Before that, her title was Executive Chief Engineer Autonomous & Electrified Vehicles and New Technology so it can be assumed that this […]

January 28, 2021

Opinion: GM ‘aspires’ to be fully electric by 2035. Is that enough? (No)

GM’s out with another press release saying it aspires to be fully electric in its consumer fleet by 2035. Yet the company only sells one EV, down from a few if you included the Chevy Volt/Cadillac ELR a few years ago, on its lots. Press releases are easy and often for GM. Putting EVs on […]

August 17, 2021

Cadillac Lyriq first look: At $60,000, my biggest question is will GM make enough of these?

Cadillac invited us out for a chance to get up close and personal with the “production-spec” Lyriq EV that they unveiled back in April. We’ve got photos and video to share, and you can decide for yourself whether you agree that this thing looks sweet.

November 16, 2016

Cadillac announces CT6 Plug-In Hybrid; cheaper, faster and more efficient than the gas version

After some misadventures with the ELR, Cadillac has stepped back into the Plug-In Hybrid game with their new CT6 PHEV.  The car is expected to ship in the spring of 2017 and start at $76,090 before incentives are taken into account. The CT6 compares well to its gas counterpart, offering much higher efficiency (65 MPGe), better performance (335hp, 0-60 […]

February 4, 2016

GM is going to kill the Cadillac ELR but it appears that new European Volt variants are on the way

Yesterday AutoNews reported that Cadillac wasn’t going to be following up its ELR disaster with an upgrade to the 2016-17 Volt platform. Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen confirmed last week that the brand plans no successor to the light-selling ELR.”I plan to continue admiring it as one of the most beautiful cars on four wheels” de […]

June 26, 2017

Chevy Bolt: Here are 10 things GM could and should do to improve its flagship EV right now

I’ve now had my Chevy Bolt for about 3 months and I’m still love with the car with every new day. However, there are some things that either have irked me from day one or that I’ve found bother me over time. In a lot of ways, the Chevy Bolt EV just works exactly like […]

March 17, 2016

My Year with the Cadillac ELR Plug-in Luxury Coupe [Review]

I have been an aficionado of electric cars ever since Tesla came up with their production roadster. I am writing this review because I noticed a gap of reviews, especially long-term ones, for my car, which is rarer than a Tesla roadster. I thought I would share my thoughts and experiences with my ELR I […]

November 24, 2018

Sono Motors increases price of its Sion solar-powered electric vehicle

Sono Motors, a Germany-based EV startup behind the Sion, a solar-powered electric car, has announced progress in developments of their powertrain and they say that it led to a significant increase in the price of the car. 

April 28, 2016