store Stories July 11, 2016

Interior of the Cleveland store as line filters in.

If there’s a list Tesla is probably OK with not being at the top of, it’s ‘Best Car Salesmen’. The company boasts about its distribution and servicing model being unlike any other in the industry and the latest mystery shoppers study by Pied Piper, a real consultant and market research firm (not based on the HBO series Silicon Valley), kind of proved that it is the case by placing Tesla dead last. expand full story

store Stories February 26, 2016


The electric vehicle industry had an exciting start in 2016 with a number of unveilings, notably the Chevy Bolt and Faraday Future’s FFZer01 concept at CES last month, but arguably none is creating more excitement than Tesla’s upcoming Model 3 event next month. When we asked our readers how many reservations they think Tesla will have for the Model 3 by the end of the year, a majority agreed that Tesla will have over 75,000 reservations by the end of 2016.

We have since reached out to a number Tesla retail stores and representatives have told us that they have been receiving a steady stream of calls since Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted the date of the Model 3 unveiling and a rough outline of the reservation process. According to the CEO, reservations will start in store on March 31st and then online the next day. Because of this store reps have told us they are expecting waiting lines to get a reservation in the morning. expand full story

store Stories February 22, 2016

tesla brooklyn

Update: A reddit user hopped over to the new Tesla location, and it looks like the company already has a sign up. See the bottom of the post for the image.

According to a report from New York real estate news site The Real Deal, a Tesla store will be the anchor for a new office conversion in Red Hook, New York City. Sources for the site say that the Palo Alto company signed a lease for a new space of roughly 40,000 square feet that will serve as an office, a service center, and a showroom for the company’s many EV offerings…

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store Stories January 18, 2016

Tesla store Shenzhen

Tesla has some impressive retail locations around the world, but this one in Shenzhen, China looks particularly awesome. Located in Longhua District, the store is in a mall specialized in auto sales called “Longhua Auto City”. expand full story

store Stories December 9, 2015

pop up store teslaTesla launches in Mexico this week by opening a “Pop-up” store in the Mexican capital and we learn that the company hired Google’s longtime brand and communications manager for Latin American markets, Ricardo Blanco, to lead Tesla’s communications and marketing in the country. expand full story

store Stories November 13, 2015

tesla_storeToday Tesla is expected to open its first store in Boston in the Shops at the Prudential Center according to the Boston Business Journal. The opening is part of Tesla’s plan to significantly expand its retail presence in the US with 12 more stores opening during the fourth quarter. expand full story

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