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MOKE International returns to US with street-legal 50 mph open-top electric vehicle

moke californian

Remember those fun little Jeep-like Moke cars from the heyday of 1960s open-top fun-mobiles? Just months after landing a $55M funding deal, MOKE International is bringing them back to the US for the first time in decades with its new MOKE Californian model.

Update: Moke just announced their U.S. pricing today ($41,900) (!!) which is about $10k higher than it is in Europe.

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MOKE International and its fun open-top electric mini-cars expanding ground in new $55M deal

moke international

In a deal purported to be worth US $55.1 million, EV Technology Group has agreed to purchase an additional 50% of MOKE International, which will boost its stake to 67.6% of the company. The deal is intended to rapidly expand MOKE International’s reach, producing and delivering more of its iconic classic MOKE-inspired electric vehicles.

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Moke America’s street-legal open-top mini electric cars want to trade high speed for high fun

Remember that fun little Jeep-lookin’ Mini Moke from a post-WWII British military vehicle development program? It’s been rehashed in several incarnations since, but the most recent (and most stateside) is Moke America, which wants to get Americans to switch from big gas guzzlers to fun little open-top electric cars.

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The Mini Moke is back and it is electric…but this AWD 75mph version also packs controversy

As we depart the Paris Mondial Motor Show, we’ve seen all matter of electric vehicles from Tesla and the big legacy carmakers, new ebikes that use new 2170 cells all the way down to Chinese scooters. But one big surprise was seeing the iconic Moke mini Jeep-like electric vehicles in not just one but two different booths in a variety of shapes and sizes, including a speedy, AWD version with…