ireland Stories October 11, 2017

Ireland’s Minister of Finance, Paschal Luke Donohoe, introduced this week a new measure to accelerate the deployment of electric cars in the country through businesses in their new budget.

The government will give tax breaks over one year for electric vehicles used as company cars. expand full story

ireland Stories March 31, 2016

Elon Musk often acts as the defacto PR department for Tesla Motors and in a Tweet today – in the mist of the Model 3 unveil – the CEO announced that Tesla would be expanding into at least 7 more countries. The expansion includes 6 continents and includes the BRIC countries of Brazil and India, South Africa (CEO Elon Musk’s birthplace), South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, and Ireland. The tweet left room for others that might not fit into the 140 character medium. expand full story

ireland Stories February 24, 2016

Tesla has been quickly expanding in Europe with only a few market left unpenetrated. In December 2015, the automaker officially launched in Scotland with its first store in Edinburgh, we now learn that Tesla is expanding to the other side of the Irish Sea, namely to Ireland. expand full story

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