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Airspeeder unveils Mk4 eVTOL ahead of first crewed flying car racing series

Alauda Aeronautics – the electric aviation company behind the design of the eVTOLs being developed for the nascent Airspeeder racing series – has unveiled its latest “flying car.” As the next iteration of Airspeeder, the Mk4 is the first to be designed specifically for crewed racing flights as the league moves closer to enabling its racers to compete from the tracks in the skies.

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Airspeeder completes ‘world’s first electric flying car race’ during inaugural EXA eVTOL event

Nascent eVTOL racing league Airspeeder has successfully completed what it is calling the “world’s first electric flying car race” during its inaugural EXA Series event. Two EXA team pilots went head to head in South Australia using remotely operated eVTOLs, kicking off a development league that will eventually feed into global Grand Prix series. Check out the video recap of this historical event kicking off electric flight racing.

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Alauda Aeronautics celebrates 250 eVTOL flights with cool progress video ahead of new Airspeeder racing league

eVTOL Racing

The creator and technical team behind the upcoming Airspeeder eVTOL racing league, Alauda Aeronautics, has successfully completed 250 test flights as it moves closer to one day transporting pilots inside the vessels in worldwide grand prix’. To celebrate, the company has shared extensive video footage of its progress over the course of the last two years. You can view it below.

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Former Formula E driver Bruno Senna joins Airspeeder as eVTOL pilot and global ambassador

Senna Airspeeder

Nascent eVTOL racing league, Airspeeder, has announced its fourth pilot to join, and it’s Bruno Senna – a former Formula One and Formula E racing driver, current member of Rebellion Racing in the FIA World Endurance Championship, and eSports World eX Championship winner. Senna joins as a development pilot, bringing his racing expertise to the league before its first Grand Prix begins in 2023.

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Airspeeder announces the first-ever eVTOL racing pilots for its upcoming EXA Series

eVTOL racing pilots

Infant eVTOL racing league, Airspeeder, has publicly announced its first three pilots ahead of its remotely operated EXA Series of Grand Prix taking place in 2022, followed by a crewed racing series in 2023. The first three eVTOL pilots come from different racing backgrounds and represent a new future of “flying car” racing.

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