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EVFLY spins up one of the first commercial eVTOL operations in deal for 200+ AutoFlight aircraft

AutoFlight eVTOL

Weeks after successfully completing the longest eVTOL flight to date in its Prosperity I all-electric aircraft, AutoFlight has secured a major purchase commitment from EVFLY. The advanced air mobility services provider has signed a deal with AutoFlight for over 200 of its eVTOL cargo and passenger aircraft, which will eventually operate in one of the first commercially available global fleets.

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Airspeeder unveils Mk4 eVTOL ahead of first crewed flying car racing series

Alauda Aeronautics – the electric aviation company behind the design of the eVTOLs being developed for the nascent Airspeeder racing series – has unveiled its latest “flying car.” As the next iteration of Airspeeder, the Mk4 is the first to be designed specifically for crewed racing flights as the league moves closer to enabling its racers to compete from the tracks in the skies.

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X2 ‘flying car’ from XPeng’s Aero HT becomes first crewed eVTOL to receive flight permit in China


XPeng’s eVTOL business arm AeroHT announced it has received a conditional permit from the Chinese government to continue flights operated by a human in its X2 “flying car.” According to the company, the X2 is the first eVTOL to receive such a permit in the entire country, allowing XPeng AeroHT to continue development on its way to mass-production of eVTOL products like its sixth-generation flying car scheduled for production next year.

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Stellantis to exclusively build Archer Aviation’s ‘Midnight’ eVTOL in the US

Stellantis eVTOL

Multinational automaker Stellantis announced it is expanding upon a previous partnership with Archer Aviation, adding its manufacturing experience to aid in producing the latter company’s electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. Named “Midnight,” this eVTOL is now planned to be mass produced on US soil.

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Check out video footage of XPeng AeroHT’s flying car completing its maiden flight

XPeng Flying Car

Following XPeng’s recent 1024 Tech Day event in China earlier this week, we have finally been able to share video footage of its latest generation of eVTOL built by AeroHT. As promised during the presentation, XPeng’s flying car prototype completed its maiden flight and has the receipts to prove it. You’ve gotta see this.

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XPeng 1024 Tech Day 2022 recap: Neural net autonomous driving, robotaxis, and ‘flying car’ footage

XPeng completed its fourth annual 1024 Tech Day in China today, highlighting several of its latest technological breakthroughs in electric mobility. The presentation included several advancements in autonomous driving, robotic animals, and self-evolving AI platforms. Additionally, XPeng Inc. shared that its sixth generation eVTOL – the closest thing we’ve seen to an actual flying car – completed its maiden flight. Lots to unfold here, so let’s get started.

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Watch XPeng AeroHT complete its first international ‘flying car’ flight in Dubai with the X2 eVTOL

Flying car dubai

XPeng’s urban air mobility (UAM) company AeroHT has demonstrated huge progress for eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) vehicles by showcasing its fifth-generation X2 ‘flying car’ publicly taking off, flying, and successfully landing during a demonstration in Dubai. Additionally, the company offered a progress update for its sixth-generation flying car, which is an actual car with wheels that drives and can take off and fly. Check it out.

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Volocopter shares latest video update showing its eVTOL air taxi is closer than ever to reality


Urban Air Mobility (UAM) developer Volocopter has shared a new video showcasing the time and effort the company and its staff have been putting into the flight testing campaign for the VoloCity eVTOL air taxi as it moves closer to genuine flights with human passengers. You can see it taking off and landing in real time below.

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Alauda Aeronautics celebrates 250 eVTOL flights with cool progress video ahead of new Airspeeder racing league

eVTOL Racing

The creator and technical team behind the upcoming Airspeeder eVTOL racing league, Alauda Aeronautics, has successfully completed 250 test flights as it moves closer to one day transporting pilots inside the vessels in worldwide grand prix’. To celebrate, the company has shared extensive video footage of its progress over the course of the last two years. You can view it below.

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Hyundai Motor Group and Rolls-Royce team up to help electrify the future of air mobility

Hyundai Rolls Royce

Hyundai Motor Group and Rolls-Royce Holdings have announced the mutual signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to work together to integrate all-electric propulsion into the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) market. The parties look to combine Rolls-Royce’s expertise in aviation with Hyundai’s BEV and hydrogen fuel cell technology to develop and certify zero-emission vehicles for urban and regional air travel.

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Watch XPeng’s latest video of an AeroHT eVTOL that you drive like a flying car

XPeng flying car video

Urban air mobility (UAM) company AeroHT continues to make progress toward the “flying car” it has promised to deliver by 2024. XPeng Huitian (aka AeroHT) recently posted a video to Weibo demonstrating an eVTOL prototype taking off, flying around, and being maneuvered like a car. It has the XPeng Motors steering wheel and everything – check it out.

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Overair garners $145M in funding to fly its eVTOL prototype in 2023

Overair eVTOL

Electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) developer Overair has announced the acquisition of an additional $145 million in funding from aircraft technology specialists Hanwha Systems and Hanwha Aerospace. In addition to its continued investment, Hanwha will provide electric motors and battery packs for Overair’s Butterly eVTOL prototypes, which remain on track to take to the sky next year.

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Overair is the latest eVTOL company working to bring urban air mobility to Los Angeles

eVTOL Los Angeles

Electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) developer Overair announced a partnership with Urban Movement Labs (UML) to help expedite urban air mobility (UAM) in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The partnership is one of several with UML to collaborate with the city of Los Angeles to eventually implement eVTOL technology.

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Former Formula E driver Bruno Senna joins Airspeeder as eVTOL pilot and global ambassador

Senna Airspeeder

Nascent eVTOL racing league, Airspeeder, has announced its fourth pilot to join, and it’s Bruno Senna – a former Formula One and Formula E racing driver, current member of Rebellion Racing in the FIA World Endurance Championship, and eSports World eX Championship winner. Senna joins as a development pilot, bringing his racing expertise to the league before its first Grand Prix begins in 2023.

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AutoFlight shares extended footage of ‘Prosperity I’ eVTOL air taxi, including takeoff and landing

eVTOL takeoff

Following teaser footage of its “Prosperity I” eVTOL shared in January, AutoFlight has released a five minute video showing much more of its all-electric air-taxi in action. The newly released video features the eVTOL completing a vertical takeoff, transitioning to rear propulsion, and gliding forward before switching back to its top propellers and landing vertically.

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New video footage shows the upcoming Jetson ONE eVTOL (briefly) taking off, and flying over water

Jetson ONE taking off

Swedish eVTOL developer Jetson AB has shared more footage of its upcoming Jetson ONE aerial vehicle flying over water. At the request of an overload of comments on its social channels, Jetson also shared footage (albeit briefly) of its ONE eVTOL taking off, to showcase how simple the process is. Following a massive demand, Jetson’s founders are already teasing additional flying vehicles to come.

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AutoFlight shares ‘Prosperity I’ eVTOL air taxi proof of concept with video footage of it transitioning from vertical to horizontal flight mid-air

eVTOL air taxi

AutoFlight has grown one step closer to passenger flights in its eVTOL air taxi by introducing a proof of concept version called “Prosperity I,” alongside a first look at the eVTOL in the air. Additionally, AutoFlight has posted teaser footage of “Prosperity I” transitioning from vertical takeoff rotors to horizontal flight while in the air.

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Boeing Wisk-ed away with Larry Page’s eVTOL – to the tune of $450 million

Wisk Aero, the California-based eVTOL company from Google co-founder Larry Page, recently announced a $450 million funding boost from The Boeing Company to further develop its Cora, an electric VTOL aircraft that the company plans to get type-certified with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as an autonomous, all-electric, air taxi.

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