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Tesla delays price increase in the UK by 2 weeks citing ‘exceptionally high demand’

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Just it like it announced a two-week grace period to order a new vehicle and still have access to the unlimited free Supercharging program, Tesla told UK customers that they still have two weeks to order a new car without having to face an important 5% price increase that was supposed to come with the new year.

The company is citing “exceptionally high demand” for the reason to extend the deadline.


UK becomes Tesla’s biggest European market, surpassing even Norway – for the moment

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Norway has been (and still is) one of Tesla’s most important markets. Thanks to generous electric vehicle incentives, the Californian automaker has managed to deliver over 10,000 cars in the relatively small country.

The volume was enough to make Norway Tesla’s biggest European market even ahead of larger car markets like Germany and the UK, but not anymore. The United Kingdom released its second quarter car registration data revealing that Tesla actually delivered more cars in the UK than in Norway during the first half of 2016. Expand

Tesla says you can get new Model S monthly cost down to £0 in London

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Earlier this year, Tesla launched a new in-house Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) program in the UK. The significantly more flexible program reduced the monthly entry cost of the Model S to £404 with a 30% down payment. At the time, Tesla said that after fuel and road tax savings, the monthly cost would be only £296 in the UK.

The new program seems to have contributed to Tesla’s recent success in the country, which became the automaker’s top market for the Model S in Europe in the first quarter 2016 after having delivered around 750 cars based on registration data. The country was normally trailing between the fourth and fifth positions in Europe for Tesla – behind Norway, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

With the recent reintroduction of the Model S 60, Tesla is now lowering the entry even further, across all markets of course, but in the case of the UK, the automaker is now claiming that you can get the monthly cost down to £0. Expand