tesla norway Stories November 22, 2017

After the Norwegian government announced last month that it was planning a new electric vehicle tax that seemed to be targeted at Tesla’s vehicles, it was expected that the automaker’s growth in this important market could be significantly affected.

But they passed the budget today and fortunately for Tesla buyers, it doesn’t include the new tax geared toward heavier electric vehicles. expand full story

tesla norway Stories September 8, 2016

supercharger underground london 2

Norway has been (and still is) one of Tesla’s most important markets. Thanks to generous electric vehicle incentives, the Californian automaker has managed to deliver over 10,000 cars in the relatively small country.

The volume was enough to make Norway Tesla’s biggest European market even ahead of larger car markets like Germany and the UK, but not anymore. The United Kingdom released its second quarter car registration data revealing that Tesla actually delivered more cars in the UK than in Norway during the first half of 2016. expand full story

tesla norway Stories July 5, 2016

Tesla Model S snow

Norway is still moving down the list of Tesla’s top-selling markets with another disappointing quarter in deliveries for the Model S. The market was the automaker’s biggest in Europe with about 8% of its total worldwide deliveries last year. expand full story

tesla norway Stories April 28, 2016


Norwegian media are reporting that Tesla’s Norway operations have been hit with 240 payment demands from creditors over NOK 2 million (~$250,000) in unpaid bills and as a result, the company has received a ‘C’ credit rating – the worst credit rating it can get in Norway.

The reports suggest that the most recent unpaid bill claims coincide with Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s visit in the country last week. expand full story

tesla norway Stories April 4, 2016

Tesla Model S snow

Norway is a very important market for Tesla. It’s the automaker’s biggest in Europe and about 8% of its total worldwide deliveries last year. In 2015, Tesla had flat deliveries in the country after delivering the exact same number, 4,039 Model S units, two years in a row, based on registration data.

It is still impressive for a relatively small country – though with a lot of EV incentives – but Tesla is definitely not growing in Norway anymore, or at least for the time being. expand full story

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