Tesla stores Stories August 4, 2017

Tesla’s retail strategy with small stores in high foot traffic areas, like malls, is significantly different from the average automaker and it’s apparently paying off.

The company is now claiming that their sales per square foot are dwarfing Apple’s, which has been leading the retail industry in this metric for years now.  expand full story

Tesla stores Stories July 7, 2017

Recently, there have been rumors of Tesla stores closing and employees being laid off. It culminated today when a trusted Tesla leaker ElonsVelvetJacket posted the worrisome claim on Reddit that “effective immediately many Tesla stores will be permanently closed’.

It would be surprising for Tesla to close locations as it is about to significantly increase its volume with the upcoming launch of the Model 3, but knowing ElonsVelvetJacket’s track record,  we reached out to Tesla to get more details on what is happening. expand full story

Tesla stores Stories February 15, 2017


Last year, Tesla launched a novel retail partnership with Nordstrom to sell its vehicles in a section of the high-end fashion store. It started by opening a small retail gallery in the Nordstrom store at The Grove in Los Angeles and later expanded to other Nordstrom stores in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Detroit, Michigan.

The automaker is now making a similar deal in Australia with Myer, the country’s largest department store. expand full story

Tesla stores Stories July 27, 2015

A few months ago we wrote about Tesla’s “pop-up” stores (mobile stores) being introduced in Santa Barbara. Today we learn that the store made it to the Hamptons for the summer. expand full story

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